Monday, December 21, 2009

New Year's frivolity

I'm very curious about what all of you will be wearing this holiday season.

I don't think I've been this excited about the holidays in years - mainly because I lived abroad for many years, away from my family and friends. So I've taken my time planning and perfecting special outfits for the big dates.

What I'm most giddy about is celebrating the end of the decade and beginning of a new one, which I will be doing with my dearest girlfriends at a burlesque party. One of my friends is coming over from the US to visit Finland for the first time, which is oh-so-exciting!

I am going to be wearing 1950s vintage from head-to-toe on New Year's Eve. While I don't consider the '50s my top favorite era in general, I do feel the fashion is the most flattering for my curvy body type. Just today I found the perfect pink heels on Etsy to compliment my lace dress, which I'm absolutely in love with! I think my look will be the embodiment of flirty and girly nostalgia and I can't wait to dress up soon and go out with my ladies!


  1. i think i'm going to wear the turqouise-fades-to-lilac vintage dress i got from a clothes swap at my friend zara's with a big red hourglass making belt. at least i'm going to try to at some point. xxX

  2. Tukru - I hope you'll post some pics of the look, it sounds gorgeous! Do you happen to be coming to Finland anytime soon? It would be so good to see you. It's been way too long since we last saw each other!

    Matilda - thank you! :)

  3. This picture is lovely & so in tune with my own latest post with so many red features! I don't know what I'm wearing as it will all be about family, family, family and no parties at all. Still - good opportunity to wear something I've been saving aside....:)

  4. FairyFiligree - thank you! I love the photo, especially the striking colors. I hope you managed to find something special to wear during the holidays.