Saturday, December 26, 2009

Video of the week: I'm Old Fashioned

I hope you all had happy holidays and that Santa was good to you - preferably by filling your Christmas stocking with plenty of vintage goodies, if you're anything like me! I'm going to spend the next few days in Helsinki with Mycah, who is coming over from the US. Our plans include meeting friends, eating well, seeing films, vintage goodie hunting and, of course, sightseeing - which will surely be interesting to do in your own hometown! :P It is just a pity that many of my favorite spots are closed during the winter.

I'll leave you with this lovely number from the movie You Were Never Lovelier, featuring Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. It is one of my all time favorite musical comedies. Such a lovely picture and a warmly recommended watch!


  1. One of my absolute favourites ("sister, I was raised amongst the grasshoppers"). Happy holidays!

  2. It is so much fun - and Rita's costumes are quite something!

    Happy holidays to you too! :)

  3. Some things were better in the old days... happy new year.

  4. Very nice -- I like your site. Happy new year!

    I cordially invite you to visit my blog, "Carole & Co.", named for Carole Lombard, my all-time favorite actress:

  5. AVY & VP81955 - Thank you, same back at you! I hope you had a fabulous New Year! :)

    VP81955 - I am actually a member of your blog and enjoy it very much!