Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recent Etsy finds

It has been a while since I've found vintage that I've totally fallen in love with, online or at local shops and flea markets. And I don't buy items that I'm not fully in love with since I have so little storage space. However, I did snag the following beauties from Etsy in December.

I've been coveting this stunning 1950s Morris Moskowitz silk handbag for many months and was so happy when it finally arrived to me a few weeks back - and in mint condition! It came with a peach silk coin purse and a MM initialed mirror. Such a beauty that I can't wait to take out!

These 1950s Mackey Starr New York pearl pink heels are so adorable! I was supposed to wear them on New Year's Eve but unfortunately they turned out to be teensy bit too small for me to be comfortable all night long. :( So I might put them on sale at some point unless my feet will magically shrink overnight, hee!


  1. What a cute bag! Love the coin purse with it too.

  2. Ihania! Mä kans ajattelen että en osta mitään mikä ei ole just tosi tosi ihanaa....mut mun kämppä on silti yhtä isoa vaatekaappia! :D Pitäis saada ne vähän paremmin esille, ettei ne vaan situis tuol kaapeissa..

  3. Fiona - Kiitokset. :) Mulla on ihan sama juttu ja toisena ongelmana vielä se, että muuttelen paljon ja vielä maasta toiseen. Kamojen jatkuva lähettely alkaa käydä kalliiksi. :(

  4. Lovely things.... hmmmmm - you have fine taste lady. Just put in a new post - finding it difficult to keep up & have fallen back in my posting - there's a Gloria Swanson picture if you're interested....:)

  5. FairyFiligree - Why thank you! :)

    Will definitely check out your Gloria post. I've fallen seriously behind on Blogger myself because of my new job.