Friday, January 8, 2010

Red-headed woman

I have been wanting to go red for a long, long time and finally decided to go for it just before Christmas. It took me two visits to the beauty salon (and two color removals!) to get the color seen above from reddish brown. The red turned out a vivid ruby red shade. I was looking for something a little lighter and warmer à la Florence Welch but I really do like this shade too. Actually, you can see the original color in the first two photos and the last one was taken after I re-dyed my hair. The shade is a little colder than the original one.

Which brings me to the fact that red color is incredibly difficult to maintain! I mean, I've been hearing that but I didn't realize it would really be this hard. My hair has been all sorts of different colors but never have I had this same problem. The color had already visibly faded a week after it was originally dyed at the salon. I dyed it again a week or so back and I again notice a major difference. For the record, I use red pigmented shampoo and conditioner and other products for colored hair.

I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or do all of the ladies with amazing intense red hair just keep on coloring it every few weeks? I absolutely love being a redhead but I don't really have the patience to dye it so often. That can't be too healthy for the hair either.

Any tips would be much appreciated! :)


  1. I've never been red, though I think it's ravishing. Will wait to find out why it's so difficult...>!

  2. Hei kaunokainen! Se Olit SINÄ siellä tampereen uudenvuoden hipoissa! Mä katoin että ootko vai et... :D Sun mekko oli ihan mahtava!
    Täässä yks vinkki :
    Se on siis voide joka sävyttää. Pidetään muutama minuutti ja huuhdellaan. Hellävaraisempi kun väri ja antaa tosi voimakkaan sävyn ja kiiltävän lopputuloksen. Esim. sävy Fire Red on aika kiva. Tota saa kampaamoista ja kampaamokaupoista.

  3. FairyFiligree - I hope you'll have better luck going red than I've had - if you ever decide to give it a go. I agree, it is a ravishing color!

    Fiona Timantti - Kauniit kiitokset ja samoin sulle - sun mekko oli TODELLA kaunis! Kiitokset myös vinkistä, etsin ton ehdottomasti ens viikolla käsiini ja postitan tuloksia kun vaan pääsen sitä kokeilemaan. :)

  4. It looks very cute on you! I wonder how long it took them to get Jean's hair red for Red Headed Woman, and if it was higher maintenance than her usual color? I went from my natural dark brown to red in my teens, and I did have to color it quite often or it would fade. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. Have you asked Shrinky Inky of the Shrinky Inky's Fine Adventures blog? Her hair is also a vibrant red.

  5. 1930s Girls About Town - Jean actually wore a wig for the role. Must have been a good wig because it looked natural to me!

    Thanks for the blog tip. I actually haven't read that one but I'll definitely check it out. :)