Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lady in red

Last week I finally finished my very first sewing project based on a vintage pattern! It is a 1930s street length skirt that you can see on the picture on the left. The skirt is based on this Wearing History repro pattern of a 1930s original. I did the street length version. I wanted a somewhat simple project to start with, a piece of warm clothing that I could wear everyday. I picked up a piece of red fabric during the Christmas sales that is 50% wool, 50% polyamide. It is very warm and cosy. People keep on telling me that the skirt looks formal but I think it makes a nice and versatile everyday skirt that can be worn during fall and winter. Yes, I wore it outside in -20c winter wonderland and survived to tell the tale!

I know I must have done some sewing back in school but I really cannot recall that at all. If you add that to the fact that I am the least crafty person in the world, I was pretty much lost in front of the sewing machine at first. I am currently taking a sewing class and the teacher was very helpful and understanding of my total lack of sewing skills. It perhaps wasn't the smartest idea to start in a 1930s pattern because, to be honest, I could barely read it. Credit goes to my teacher once again for being so helpful! I have to say that I am quite proud of myself for actually having made something with my own hands. Can't WAIT to officially start on my next project! But more about that later. :)

I thought I'd also write a little update regarding my red hair woes. I went back to the hairdressers early this month and got my hair colored again. The color actually lasted quite a bit longer this time and I didn't have to do anything to it until a couple of weeks later; last weekend. My hairdresser told me that red dye usually fades pretty quickly the first few times but lasts longer after that and turns out she was right. I picked up a Color Mask conditioner in Pepper for a little under 10€ and it really worked wonders on me! It turned my hair from a brownish copper mess back to intense red, as you can see in the picture on the right. It looks almost as if I had just dyed it! Thanks to this product, I won't have to constantly dye my hair, which is a huge relief. I would warmly recommend it to anyone with hair color woes similar to mine.


  1. This skirt is really cute! Definitely not bad for your first piece! Let me know how it holds up after washings and time.

    Also, your hair still looks great. I'm glad you found this product and won't have to dye so often because I really love the color on you but it seemed to be getting so costy! Glad you found a good solution!

  2. Mycah - Thank you! I have washed the skirt once so far and it didn't come apart, thankfully. :P

    I'm super happy about the product too! LOVE red and it is still quite costy to keep it up compared to a darker shade but not as much with this product as with hair dye.

  3. the skirt looks great! :D

    and i'm happy to hear your hair problems got solved!

  4. THE BIG MAMA INTROSPECTION & Stina - Thank you, ladies!