Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Able Grable dresses!

Able Grable, one of my absolute favorite of places for vintage inspired dresses, has come out with three divine new frocks; Miss Lola Burns 1933, Miss Iris Henderson and Ready Hedy. Able Grable never disappoints and I love them all! Miss Lola Burns 1933 is my personal favorite. I just CAN'T say no to a Peter Pan collar, tie bow and polkadots - and look at those sleeves!

I am already the proud owner of two dresses by Matilda (The Countess Frock and The Miss Betty Amanda Dress plus The Deco Delight Capelet) and will surely add several more in my collection in the future.

Check out Able Grable for more details and photos on the gorgeous gowns!

Miss Lola Burns 1933

Miss Iris Henderson

Ready Hedy


  1. ooh, it's gorgeous! they all are!

  2. Lovely dresses! And i love that black hat!

  3. They truly are lovely!

    Fiona Timantti - Love the black hat also. :)

  4. Thank you :-)
    Am so pleased you like them :-)

  5. The capelet sleeves on the Lola Burns really make the dress--I adore this one! It would really suit you, I think :-)

  6. Miss Matilda - Thank YOU for all of those wonderful Able Grable creations!

    Jitterbugdoll - The details of the sleeves are so unique and gorgeous. Can't wait to have my own dress to wear! I just love those shots of you, by the way! The carousel and train photoshoots especially look like they were so much fun to do.

  7. Ooh i can't wait until i can afford to buy one of these lovely dresses! xx

  8. Thanks, Riikka--you're a doll!

    This was an especially fun shoot--I even got to eat an ice cream cone :-)

  9. Stefanie Valentine - Same here! Starting to save up for one.

    Jitterbugdoll - How fun! It definitely looks like you had a blast!