Friday, February 5, 2010

The perfect 1940s pumps

Aren't these 1940s burgundy pumps the perfect pair of shoes? My gf actually told me about them a few months back, saying they made her think of me. Unfortunately, they're too narrow for me. But if your feet do fit these, I say go get 'em tiger! $75 at 1860-1960. *sigh*


  1. oh my are those GORGEOUS. Might just have to check these out. xoxo

  2. Scary, I was only looking at these the other day...

  3. Oh wow i love these! Unfortunately i have horrible big wide feet :(
    Thanks for following me too :) xx

  4. BaronessVonVintage - They truly are quite something! *drools*

    Gingeyginge - What a funny coincidence!

    Stefanie Valentine - No problem, loving your blog already. :)

    Unfortunately my feet are wide too and it is SO hard to find vintage shoes that fit. Actually, I think I only have one pair that properly fit me and so many that don't. So I'm trying to avoid buying vintage shoes online. They're so pretty but the fit just is not very good for feet like mine.