Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some lost, some found

One of the main things that so many of us love about vintage is the uniqueness of a vintage piece; it truly is difficult to find another one like it. Most of the time this is a good thing but sometimes... Not so much.

I'm sure that most vintage collectors have gone through the heartbreak of losing a rare item, perhaps through damage or by losing an online auction. I remember my first big vintage heartbreak like it was yesterday. I was unable to buy a gorgeous 1930s deco style handbag from a vintage shop because I wasn't carrying enough money with me. When I went back the next day to get it, it was gone. There's quite a few Ebay actions that I'm still sad about losing and I guess it doesn't really help the case that I've saved photos of the items.

1930s hat

1950s hat

But sometimes you get lucky and come across an item that is similar to a piece you've lost and are still sad about. For instance, I lost an auction of this stunning 1930s hat some months ago and was pretty upset about it. Then, a couple of days back I found and bought this beautiful 1950s hat on Prance and Swagger Etsy. Now, I know they're dated a couple of decades apart and clearly it shows in the style of the hats. But still, you can't deny the similarity of the colors and the satin rose decoration. It made me really happy to find the 1950s hat and finally be able to let go of losing the 1930s one.

Now, if I could only find the replacement for this amazing 1950s cherry handbag, I'd be an overjoyed gal! :)


  1. I agree that is soo nice when you can find a "consolation" item that is just as lovely as the one you missed out on.

  2. Oh, i have tons of items that i missed out on and i'm still mourning the loss! In particular, a 40s black wide brim hat and a 40s novelty camel print suit. Sigh...

  3. i LOVE that bag! fingers crossed you'll fine one like it. and if you find two, send one my way! ;)

  4. BaronessVonVintage - It definitely makes it better, I think.

    Stefanie Valentine - Those items sound so lovely! Too bad you missed out on them. :(

    Stina - Will do, for sure. ;)

  5. Both of these hats are stunning! I like the 1950s more actually, it also seems quite "spring" perfect too :D