Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Video of the week: good luck charm

Long time, no blog... It seems January went by so fast! I've been busy working, filling out postgraduate applications, getting to know my new car and sewing - but more about that later. I thought I'd make a tiny update by posting my video of the mo... err, week.

Here's a lovely clip from Waterloo Bridge (1940), starring Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor. Touching, tragic and beautiful, Waterloo Bridge is one of my very favorite Viv movies. Not to mention that her wardrobe is absolutely stunning! Don't we all wish we could look as amazing as she does - especially in the rain! She wears the most adorable hats, coats and shoes in it. Maybe if I had Myra's wardrobe, I'd feel a little bit better about the winter... But alas, I don't. Well, I suggest brightening up the gloomy days by watching some Vivien films. Even though they aren't the lightest of films, she always makes this girl happy.

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