Friday, March 5, 2010

Florence and the Machine @ Tavastia - March 3, 2010

On Wednesday, March 3rd, I attended a Florence and the Machine gig at Tavastia in Helsinki.

To be honest, I haven't been very excited about music since my all time favorite band Sleater-Kinney broke up in 2006... Until Florence and the Machine came along, that is! I immediately fell in love with Florence Welch's powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence. Her voice is right up there with Corin Tucker of S-K and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane in my book. The debut album "Lungs" by Florence and the Machine came out last summer on the day I graduated from university. It has been on constant play for me ever since and I never seem to tire of it, which I think is saying quite a lot for a debut album. Plus, it strongly takes me back to Scotland and reminds me of my university years and last summer so it means a lot to me.

The strange thing is that I never had the chance to see Florence perform whilst living in the UK so my first time of seeing her live was in Finland. I had heard amazing things about her shows so my expectations were high, and yet I was somehow left breathless of just how brilliant she was! Florence's vocals sounded even better live and her voice held out perfectly throughout the show. Her voice truly is incredible - what an enormous gift she has been given! You got the sense that Florence ripped out her heart and gave it her all. And yet, she was able to perfectly balance out the more raw and melancholy songs with the more straight-forward rock'n'roll ones like "Kiss with a Fist". For the record, I prefer said melancholy songs on her album but even the ones I'm not such a fan of totally worked for me live.

We were lucky enough to be standing on the very front row in front of the stage. The gig was sold out but since the venue is quite small, it was still a nice and intimate show. The energy was exhilarating in front of the stage; everyone was singing, jumping and having a blast! Florence herself seemed so lovely. She wore a gorgeous green number and was barefoot. She told us that she had been to UFF, a second hand shop, earlier the day and bought a cape. Florence also said that the crowd had lovely hair and that it consisted of more redheads that she'd seen before. She was very excited about it and ahe asked us redheads to raise our hands. Yes, I felt very proud to be a redhead at that moment, hee!

My favorite song live was "Drumming Song". I love it on the album but holy wow, was it brilliant live! The energy was quite something! I happened to find a little video of the song on YouTube.

Here's the setlist of the gig, in case anyone's interested:

"Kiss with a Fist"
"My Boy Builds Coffins"
"Hurricane Drunk"
"Between Two Lungs"
"Drumming Song"
"Cosmic Love"
"You've Got the Love"

"Dog Days Are Over"
"Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)"

For the record, I've now made it my mission to see Florence live as many times as possible. Thankfully she's coming back to Finland in July... I'll so be there!

I wore by Captain Flare dress by Bettie Page Clothing to the show.

I'll leave you with the video of the performance that made me fall in love with Florence and the Machine.

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