Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top Runway "Angie" dress

A month or so back I ordered this custom made, 1950s inspired "Angie" dress from Top Runway and received it yesterday. I've heard a lot about Top Runway and have been meaning to place an order for months and months and finally did so after falling in love with this style.

I have to say that this dress is an instant favorite of mine! It is so comfortable on and I love the fabric, the color and the cut. And, as it is custom made, it fits me down to a t. I think it will be my favorite 'everyday' dress for all of the reasons above. Plus, it is a versatile number as it can be worn during all of the seasons or dressed up for a fancy occasion.

I spent last weekend in Lahti and visited a new vintage store called Autiotalo. I was pleasantly surprised by the shop! It is one of the larger vintage stores I've seen in Finland that isn't super expensive either and carried plenty of goodies that had me drooling, much, much more than what is listed on the website. I settled on this pair of 1940s shoes (pictured) that are super cute and only cost 15€! There was another similar pair with bows but they were a tiny bit smaller. I paired them with one of my favorite handbags, a real gem that I found at a local flea market last fall. Would anyone be able to guess its age? The price tag said it is from 1960s but I'm not quite so sure.

I've mainly been doing cold curl sets as of late but ended up with a hot roller set today - which reminded me of what pain they are! I mean, the actual curls - that remind me more of 1960s than 1940s looks - last perhaps half an hour and then you're left with this... Ugh! I ended up with good ol' victory rolls and a snood to cover the hair mess. Much better!

Dress - Top Runway ("Angie" dress)
Handbag - Thrifted, vintage
Shoes - 1940s vintage, bought from Autiotalo
Stockings - What Katie Did
Lips - Besame Red Velvet
Earrings - Gift from my sweetheart


  1. That dress is divine--I love the fabric and color you chose! I think I need to check out Top Runway :-)

    The shoes are a lovely find too!

  2. Stina - Thanks, lady!

    Jitterbugdoll - Thank you! I just LOVE this dress - and the shoes! You most definitely need to pay a visit to Top Runway. The custom made dress only cost $88!

  3. I've heard great things about Top Runway, too. Must investigate further. GORGEOUS dress. Love the color. Your hair look so nice in that last image (though I love your bangs and color in all the images). ADORE your purse

  4. Thanks you for your advice. I still don't dare to buy to Top Runway; each time i'm ready to do it i stop before click. The result is really good. Love the dress and how you have accessorized it. Shoes are fantastic.

  5. Ihana vihreƤ! Pukee sua tosi hyvin! <3

  6. Oh, the dress is really lovely and it fits you perfectly!

    I've been contemplating on ordering a suit from Top Runway, but haven't made up my mind yet. Especially since the clothes are made in China, and I really know nothing about the etchics of the company. Did you pay customs btw?

  7. BaronessVonVintage - Thank you! I would definitely recommend looking into Top Runway. I would return as a customer anytime myself! :)

    Big Mama - Same here. I've been meaning to order from them so many times in the past but somehow never did before. I'm really happy with my purchase, though.

    Fiona Timantti - Kiiitos!

    Piia - Thank you! :) If I remember correctly, it is a one woman run business but I *could* be wrong. No, I didn't have to pay customs, thankfully!

  8. That rich jewel toned, almost pine green hue looks sublime with your pretty red locks! Wonderful dress and gorgeous hair (both styles), my dear.

    Wishing you a blissful Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Jessica Cangiano - Thank you very much for the sweet comment and for popping by at my blog. :)