Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Katie Did - Retro Swimdress

The What Kate Did swimwear is now available and all of the pieces are so adorable! I love the sailor swimsuit that I posted about earlier but I think my favorite is this swimdress (which is available up to UK dress size 18). I'm not really into the thought of wearing vintage or used swimwear or lingerie (hygiene freak present!) so repro is the only way to go in my case. Swimming is one of my very favorite hobbies and I swam in a nearby lake every day last summer. I'll probably snag the swimdress asap to make those upcoming summer swims extra special. Can't wait!!!


  1. I thought their swimwear was adorable too! What color would you get the swimdress in?

  2. it's so cute! unfortunately halterneck gives me massive neck pain, which makes it very hard to find cute bikinis and swimwear. :(

  3. Jitterbugdoll - I prefer the Claret red. :)

    Stina - Ooh, thank you so much for pointing that out! I had TOTALLY forgotten what pain a halterneck top swimsuit can be. That definitely makes me re-think on the swimdress. What a pity!