Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extended weekend in Helsinki

I had a wonderful extended weekend in Helsinki. It was really nice to see my family and friends, spend time at the beach, sing karaoke, go to the cinema and thrifting at new spots. Here's snaps of some of my outings and outfits.

I wore the Able Grable Miss Betty Amanda dress to a friend's graduation dinner. The dress is based on a 1939 pattern, if I remember correctly, and it combines so many things that I'm crazy about; such as white on red polkadots, puffy sleeves and a big bow. LOVE!

Dress - Able Grable (Miss Betty Amanda)
Hair orchid - Olivia Rouge Shop
Shoes - Hand-me-down from a friend

It took a lot of cleaning and repairing to make this Forties sailor inspired dress wearable but it is now one of my favorites. It is very comfortable, yet so cute. You can't go wrong with sailor inspired looks. Also, peep the kitchy anchor earrings that I'm wearing! ;D

Dress - 1940s vintage (via Ebay)
Handbag - 1950s vintage (via Tampere Vintage)
Shoes - 1950s vintage (via - had to change these when it started to rain, though :(
Earrings - Gina Tricot
Belt - New, unfortunately the original belt is missing

Sadly the weather cooled down over the weekend but it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new 40s coat that I bought from Fiona Timantti. It is the perfect fit on me - it's like it was custom made just for me! The funky 50s sunnies brighten up an otherwise grey look.

Coat - 1940s vintage, label: Stockmann (from Fiona Timantti)
Trousers - Big Beautiful Barbara Brown (1940s high waist trousers)
Sunnies - 1950s vintage (via Ebay)
Hair snood - Arthelia's Attic

Beach photos:

Visiting Fiona's atelier:

Coincidentally, we were both wearing sailor inspired looks. :D

I couldn't take my eyes off of all those beautiful hats!


Kaivarin Kanuuna is a flea market with an amazing collection of drool-worthy vintage. I found several pieces that I would have loved to add to my collection but unfortunately the prices were too high for my current financial situation.

On Sunday I went to a massive yard sale in Käpylä, which is one of my favorite areas in Helsinki. I was running a little late because it was raining and sadly I couldn't find any vintage by the time I arrived. I do love just walking and browsing, though.


  1. That coat fits you perfectly! I'm so happy! :)

  2. Stylish dresses. The polka dot one is just adorable!

  3. Both of your dresses are gorgeous! I would have loved to buy something when I visited Kaivarin kanuuna a while ago, but most of the prices were too high for me, at least currently..

  4. Oh wow, your dresses are gorgeous! Your hair is so fab, I so need to get my bangs to look like yours! :)

  5. Both dresses are perfection! Really really good looking!

  6. Your dresses are perfection. I particularly love the blue one and the detailing on the collar. It looks wonderful with your red hair. I too love Jean Harlow...Libeled Lady is my favorite but Red Dust and Dinner at Eight can't be beat....

  7. Fiona Timantti - Thank you for the wonderful coat! Muah!

    Miss Matilda - Thanks. :)

    Jitterbugdoll - Thank you! As soon as I saw you wearing Miss Betty Amanda, I knew I just HAD to have it! Hee!

    Mrs Munster - Thank you! Yes, it is a truly adorable dress.

    Anniina - Thanks! Same here. There are some fantastic items there but a tad too pricey for me at the moment, unfortunately.

    Maggi - Aww, thank you!

    ina - Thanks a lot!

    I Wonder Wye - Why thank you! I really love the blue dress too, with all of those pretty details. Always glad to meet another Harlow fan too.