Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The fabulous hair of Rusty Parker

Even though I can't say I love Cover Girl as a film, I really, really adore Rita Hayworth as showgirl Rusty Parker. She's radiant in every single frame of the 1944 Technicolor flick and the camera just loves her. Cover Girl is not only a must see for Hayworth fans but also for admirers of 1940s fashion. The wardrobe is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in a film! I made screencaps of the film for my upcoming Rita tribute site and thought I'd do a little picspam of some of my favorite Rusty (and Maribelle) hairdos, hats and hair accessories, which are just glorious, not to mention inspiring! I think I shall make an attempt at one of Rusty's signature hairdos soon.

To complete your Rusty Parker inspired look, don't forget to get your custom made "Miss Rusty Parker" dress from Able Grable!


  1. Amazing! I was honest to god watching this just yesterday! Love your blog!

  2. I love Cover Girl as a film, and for having the beautiful Miss Hayworth in it. Her hair is amazing, i honestly cannot figure out how they did some of the more intricate styles! I want hair like that!

  3. Hehe, grazy face! :D

  4. I have seen this film soooooo many times! lol the costumes are gorgeous, I love the fashion magazine number.

  5. Love this! I absolutely must get my hands on this film, I'm making a 40's dress at the moment as well as reading up on 40's fashion so this really is a must. Thank you!

  6. MisfitToys - Hee, what a funny coincidence!

    Stefanie Valentine - Yes, Rita's hair truly is AMAZING!

    Anonymous - :D

    Maggi - The costumes - and Rita - really are the highlight of the film!

    Cinquefoil - It is definitely a must see flick for any 1940s fan.