Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tampere Vintage

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies out there! Today is not only Mother's Day but also Tampere Vintage, our city's very own vintage fair. It was actually a big event with burlesque and swing dance performances, music by Sweet Jeena and her Sweethearts and a fashion show as well. Over a thousand people attended Tampere Vintage, which is definitely an impressive number for a smaller city. I was surprised just how busy it got! I got there early with one goal in mind; to focus on accessories, more specifically shoes, hats and handbags. And I actually found just what I needed but I'll get back to that later. I generally have a hard time finding (affordable) pre-1950s vintage items in Finland but this time the the sellers had plenty of gorgeous 1930s and 1940s items up for grabs. I also had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new people, including the fabulously well dressed ladies and gents from the Fintage forum.

On to the photos! Here's what I wore:

Dress - 1940s vintage, Mme Renauld (via Ebay). This is one of my absolute favorite dresses! I only wish I had actually had the time to iron it this morning, haha!
Handbag - 1950s vintage, Morris Moskowitz (via Etsy)
Shoes - 1950s vintage (via
Stockings - What Katie Did
Hair - Inspired by Sally Jupiter from Watchmen

With Jirina - I fell in love with her stunning 1940s dress!

General snaps. Unfortunately my photos from the performances turned out really bad and blurry, hence the general lack of photos in this section. :/

Jirina poses with a vintage swimsuit she ended up buying

A tiny teaser of the fashion show

And on to the shopping... I just had to photograph my purchases as soon as I got back. LOVE this 1930s velvet hat with some unique details. Bought it from Hoochie Mama Jane.

A really cute blue 1950s handbag - and it seems a very tired me ended up only photographing the "wrong" side of the bag. Oops! Better pics to come later.

Look at these 1940s shoes! I went a little crazy when I found them. They're the perfect fit and I love, love, love the details, especially the heart shaped shoe laces. Now we know where Minna Parikka gets her inspiration from. ;) Bought the shoes from Yesterday Once More.

Over all, the event was a great success for me and I returned home a very happy gal. :)

Edit: Check out a video from the event here!


  1. I spotted the shoes! You should thank me ;) I'm exhausted. First the fair and then laundry, going to bed soon. I'm very happy that you got these fabulous pieces. Congrats!!!

  2. It was so nice to meet you at the fair. Your gorgeous purple dress stood out really nicely and suited you perfectly =) You made great finds, I see. To my huge surprise, I didn't buy anything. But then again, I was busy selling stuff myself =)

  3. AMAZING finds!!! LOVE the color of your dress. One of my favourite colors ever. NOTHING like the energy of a vintage fair. Can't wait til my next one (and for our major antique and flea market seasons 'round here). WHEEE!

  4. Wow so many gorgeous things, i would've gone crazy there and gone bankrupt! I am so jealous of you, those shoes are seriously beautiful. Vintage shoes are normally too small and narrow for me :(

  5. Your new shoes are very beautiful! I really wanted to go to Tampere Vintage, but there was no one to take with me so I stayed home. :(

  6. Wow! I love your dress! And those new shoes! Just perfect! Next time i'll be there too.

  7. Oh man, Why did I not know about this fair?! But, like someone else said I'd probably gone crazy and bought more stuff than I can afford...Maybe next time? Love the dress you're wearing btw, great colour!

  8. Minna - Thank you! And many thanks for your help, I appreciate your input so much, as you know. :P

    Rhia - Thank you very much and same back at you! It was great to see someone sporting a 20s inspired look amid all of the Fifties gals. It was nice to meet you!

    BaronessVonVintage - Thank you! I love
    purple too. I was amazed just how vivid the color of the dress still is when I got it.

    Stefanie Valentine - Heee, I did actually go a little bankrupt. But I think it was worth it, considering that I LOVE all of the items I got. Vintage shoes are most often too small and narrow for me too but I was lucky to find these in my size.

    Anniina - Thank you! You should have come, it was really great. :)

    Fiona Timantti - Thank you, darling! I wish you would've come... But next time!

    Kitten - Aww, that is too bad! You should definitely go next time. Keep your eyes peeled at the Tampere and Helsinki Vintage websites for details.