Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wishlist: Besame Cosmetics

Ladies! Have you heard that What Katie Did now stocks the full range of Besame Cosmetics? I'm really, really excited about this because as much as I adore Besame, it has been really hard to come by here in Europe. I currently own the Voluptuous Lip Colour Set in Red Velvet (as you can see here, for example), which I adore. I've been drooling many of their other products for quite a while. Here are some of my favorites:

Voluptuous Lip Colour Set - Rapture Rose
Enchanting Lipstick - I am a lipstick junkie so there's many I'd love but especially Besame Red, Red Hot Red, Cherry Red and Wild Orchid
Besame Boudoir Rouge - Raspberry


  1. I love Besame's products, especially their Enchanting Lipsticks. It's the only one i wear now as i have quite dry lips and this is the only lipstick that doesn't dry out my lips or start to flake after a while. I am so glad that WKD are stocking their whole range, no more customs fees to pay!

  2. Stefanie - Exactly! My lips are dry as well and I find the Besame lipstick to be some of the less drying semi-matte lipsticks. Yay for no more customs fees!