Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lagos Love - The picspam

Here is a little picspam of my trip to Algarve, Portugal. Needless to say, I had an absolute blast and fell in love with the beautiful country. I will be writing a more detailed report for the travel blog once I have a little more time in my hands. The highlight of my trip? Seeing dolphins in the wild, swimming and jumping around our boat! Now, that's a sight I'll forever cherish!

Photos from Lagos seaside:

No, not a gasmask, it's a snorkel!

Ponte da Piedade in Lagos:

Sagres Point in Sagres:

Wearing an adorable 1940s house dress with some gorgeous details

Sitting at the end of the world, the southwesternmost tip of Europe

Central Lagos:



  1. Stefanie - I'm a major dolphin geek so it was a real dream-come-true to see these wonderful animals in the wild. :)

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! I want to pack my bags and go there right away... And that pale blue 40's dress is simply over the top! Gorgeous!