Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once a sailor girl, always a sailor girl!

Hello, again Blogosphere! I'm back from my fabulous trip to Portugal, and am adjusting to normal life again, little by little. I shall be posting a Lagos lovin' picspam later on today so stay tuned for that. :)

Meanwhile, I was watching a travel video circa 1992 (that my darling recently transfered on DVD) and noticed just how little my style has evolved in, um, 18 years. I sport some pretty sailor dresses and straw hats in the video that are really quite similar to stuff I wear these days. Is that creepy or cute? Either way, I'd still happily wear all of this today. ;D

Oh, note the image on the bottom right, in which my minions are assisting me to get in a limousine. Yup, a diva even at the tender age of 8!

Once a sailor girl, ALWAYS a sailor girl!


  1. I have been waiting on these vintage treasures to one day surface! SO CUTE!

  2. ina - Thank you! :)

    Mycah - Hee! So glad to have finally got this tape digitalized!

    Stefanie - Thanks, heh!