Friday, June 4, 2010

Shoes like new - only not

The heel soles of the majority of my vintage shoes are in pretty weak shape. Especially these 1940s Kave suede shoes were in desperate need of help as the original wooden soles were quickly deteriorating. I wore them a couple of times and noticed that they were quite uncomfortable to wear after an hour or two because the soles were broken and hence uneven. Even though I knew it was completely envitable to do something to the shoes if I wanted to keep wearing them, I somehow kept putting it off. Quite frankly, I dislike tuning and revamping vintage pieces because it often is so that a part of their charm is lost when changes are made. And, well, maybe it is a tad strange but I kind of love how the soles of vintage shoes look.

Anyhow, thanks to Rhia's post, I finally faced the facts, got my act together and got the soles of my Kave shoes changed. Not just the heel sole but the actual outsole as well as both were in a bad shape. Now my super cute shoes are actually comfortable to wear and have plenty of dancin' left in them!


  1. Gorgeous shoes! Sometimes I also dislike altering old items, but when it comes to shoes, it's not much fun if you can't wear them without alterations =) And I think the shoerepair-fellow did a good job on those. BTW, I finally got my golden sandals to repair aswell. After two years I can finally wear them =D

  2. Rhia - Exactly my thoughts. :) Thankfully they did do a good job on my shoes and I can wear them again. Good for you that you got your shoes fixed as well!