Friday, July 9, 2010

Festivals, gigs and vintage style

One of my favorite things in the world is to attend gigs by my favorite bands. I saw a show by Arcade Fire last week (which was the epitome of the word epic - but more about that soon!), and am preparing to attend Ruisrock this weekend. I thought I'd do a little guide on how to dress in vintage inspired style for a rock show or festival as it is always a bit of a struggle for me.

When attending a show with thousands of people jumping around, letting loose, going crazy and all of that good stuff... Lets get the facts straight - you probably do not want to wear your best vintage dress for this occasion. Trust me, it would most likely do some serious damage to your beautiful and rare garment. However, you still want to dress like yourself and look as decent as you can under the circumstances.

The Dress
I would suggest going with a nice and comfy cotton dress. Something that you're comfortable standing and/or sitting in for hours, that isn't too hot in the summer heat. A dress that you don't mind getting a little dirty and something that it easy to wash afterwards. One of the 1950s style cotton dresses from Shristi Studio are perfect, affordable and available in a good variety of sizes.

Floral Red 1950's Vintage Style Dress - $29.99 from Shristi Studio

Vintage option - 1940's Green and White Cotton Floral and Leaves Day Dress - $59 from FabVintage

The Playsuit
A playsuit is an equally fabulous option whilst attending a festival or a gig.

Floral Playsuit - £25 from New Look

Vintage option - Blue Paisley Playsuit - $65 from missfarfalla

Big Beautiful Barbara Brown also has a variety of beautiful playsuits custom made in your size!

Or how about going with a pair of shorts and a peasant top from Vivien of Holloway?

The Shoes
The key once again is comfort when it comes to shoes and you definitely want to opt for flats or sandals unless you're a women woman who is able to stand around all day in heels - I certainly am not one of those women!

Kate Sandals - £79 from Rocket Originals (I prefer the white Judy sandal but sadly it is sold out at the moment)

Vintage option - 1940s Style White Vegan Sandals - $24 from QsDaydream

The Hat
A hat is essential for an outdoors show, especially during sunny weather. I love oversized straw hats but you may not want to wear a hat too wide to a concert since it may limit other's view and attract some nasty glances.

Graham Cracker Cloche - $29.99 from ModCloth

Another really cute hat at ModCloth is the Last Straw Hat in Gold but I don't know how well it would sit in your head during a moshpit. ;)

Vintage option - 1930's Vintage Wide Brim Straw Hat - $65 from GetLuckyVintage

The Scarf
A wonderful option to a hat is, of course, a scarf. Check out Super Kawaii Mama's three simple and easy ways to tie a headscarf - retro style!

The Handbag
You need an across body bag so you don't have to worry about your belongings during the show. The bag, of course, needs to be large enough to fit all of the essentials plus a water bottle, some snacks and a camera.

Pumpkin Bow Bag - £8 from New Look

Don't forget sunscreen, your favorite pair of sunnies - and to have the time of your life!


  1. Have a good time in Ruisrock! I have never been a big fan of music festivals, quite unusual for a Finn!

  2. Thanks Kati, it is great to see you here at Blogger! To be honest, I've never been a big fan of festivals either and generally prefer intimate shows. We'll see how this one goes!

  3. I really love the first dress, it's adorable!

  4. Anniina - It is a cute dress - and really comfy too. :)