Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preparing for fall

It is the unfortunate truth is that fall has come to Finland. The temperatures have dropped and it is rainy and grey... Ugh! A lot of people seem to be excited about dressing for fall but I have never mastered dressing for colder weather. Quite frankly, I'm dread the fall and, especially, the winter season. I feel that it is more difficult to find vintage (and vintage inspired!) accessories, cardigans, coats, shoes (etc!) for colder weather compared to summertime - especially in larger sizes.

I have been trying to prepare for fall time early this year, buying different pieces here and there. Today I ordered the 1940s beret and scarf set in royal blue from Marion May. Around same time last year I ordered the 1920s hat and scarf set in purple, which I loved and wore throughout the season.

I'd warmly recommend Marion May for those of you who live in colder climates, love vintage crochet - but are rather challenged in knitting by yourself, like me. ;)

PS. Just how cute is the 1940s beret and cape set? So very vintage superheroine! I hope to order mine soon.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Florence and the Machine @ Ruisrock - July 11, 2010

Back in July Minna and I spent a wonderful day at Ruisrock in Turku, which is one of the biggest rock festivals in Finland. I've never been too fond of festivals because I, quitely simply, prefer smaller, more intimate shows. But we decided to go because of one reason in particular: Florence and the Machine. After seeing Florence perform at Tavastia in Helsinki in March, we came to the conclusion that her Ruisrock show was not one to miss!

The day in July was particularly hot with temperatures going well over 30c. It wasn't so bad once we actually got to the festival area but the walk there and especially the two hour drive in a car with no AC was.... Well, not so fun. We came fully armed with hats, hair scarves and plenty of sunscreen to protect us from the sun. The day was beautiful and it was wonderful to spend the day in the sun, right by the sea and in good company. The festival area is seaside, which makes it quite unique and made the temperature a lot less humid.

We spent most of the day walking around the festival area, sitting down, enjoying the day and listening to much, of course. Some of the bands we saw include Anti-flag, Flogging Molly, Belle & Sebastian and Midlake, none of them of particular interest to us but it was fun just to sit back in the grass and listen. Besides Florence, the only show we fully watched was by Chisu, a Finnish artist that we quite enjoy. The only other artist that we would have loved to see was Regina Spektor but since she was playing on the other side of the festival area and right before Florence, we decided to skip her show for good spots at Florence since she is why we actually traveled to Ruisrock for. So, once Midlike finished their set and the crowd started moving away, we ran to the front row and got our spots right in front of Florence. Pretty amazing! While the band was soundchecking, Florence and Isabella came out a couple of times. Sonata Arctica, a Finnish metal band, was playing on the stage nearby and Florence seemed to be quite taken by them. She watched the show for quite some time and did a bit of dancing and headbanging. We waved at her and she smiled and waved back. In the beginning of the Florence and the Machine show, we were holding a nifty "We ♥ Florence + the Machine" sign and when Florence saw that, she smiled and waved at us again. She's so darling! :)

Florence and the Machine was incredible once again! With only 10 songs the set was shorter than at Tavastia, which obviously was to be expected from a festival gig, but I felt that in comparison the crowd was a lot more enthusiatic this time. A lot of people were singing along, screaming, jumping up and down whilst at Tavastia it felt like a lot of people weren't even familiar with her music. The atmosphere was a lot of fun. Not as intense and intimate as in March but surely equally fun. We were really excited when Florence performed "Heavy in Your Arms", a new song that has quickly become one of my favorites. It sounded INCREDIBLE live! When I think of a perfect summer day, I think of looking back from the front row and seeing all of the happy and smiley people singing along to Florence on beautiful evening in the middle of a nature reserve with the sun setting, right by the sea.

"My Boy Builds Coffins"
"Between Two Lungs"
"Drumming Song"
"Heavy in Your Arms"
"Cosmic Love"
"You've Got the Love"
"Dogs Days Are Over"
"Kiss with a Fist"
"Rabbit Heart"

These are a few of my favorite things...

The lovely Kendra at Days in Mayfair gave me this adorable little award... Many thanks! :)

The rules:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State ten things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

10 things I like love in random order:


Traveling is one of the great passion of my life. My parents love it as much as I do and I have been traveling since a very young age; I suppose it is in my blood somehow. There's simply nothing like being able to experience a new city and a new culture - and build everlasting memories.


I love film and like traveling, I consider it a true passion of mine. I'm especially interested in classic film, indie cinema and road movies but apart from action and sci-fi, I pretty much enjoy it all. I studied film for four years and can't wait to get back to university to continue next month.

Vintage fashion

This should come as no suprise, considering that what you are reading is a vintage themed blog. I'm especially fond of the 1930s and 1940s styles.

Art & architecture

I can't say I've always been as appreciative of art and architecture as I am today. I suppose I never took specific interest in it prior to university, where I sort of by accident began studying art history. I immediately found myself fascinated and enjoying the classes a great deal. In the end, I ended up doing a joint degree in film and history of art. I especially adore the Rococo period, 20th century American art and Gothic and Renaissance architecture. My favorite artist is, perhaps, Edward Hopper.

Arcade Fire

I'm a tad, ahem, infatuated with the band Arcade Fire. I discovered them a little after "Funeral" came out in 2005 but my fandom has taken a whole new dimension since I finally saw them live back in June. Perhaps the word obsession is better suited here.


La Serenissima, to me, is the most beautiful city in the world. I first visited Venice in 2004 and have gone back almost on an annual basis during fall time. I feel history is truly tangible there, quite unlike in any other city I've been to. It is like stepping back in time when in Venice. It is a city truly right by water and hence very much dominated by its presence. Plus, there are no cars in Venice. Unfortunately mass tourism has left its mark in the beautiful city - and the fact that its art historicals gems are not properly taken care of makes me very sad. I hope something will be done about it before it is too late because Venice is such a special place - and I hope will continue to be for future generations.


I adore dogs. They're like little angels, if you ask me, so sincere and loving. I can't wait to be in a more stable place in my life to be able to be a good and responsible dog owner myself.

The sea

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I just love the sea.


I suppose a lot of the things I've already listed here really source from my interest in history in general. It is just endlessly fascinating to me.


I love good food and I love cooking. I especially like anything spicy. Thai dishes are my favorite of all.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tori Amos @ Pori Jazz - July 23, 2010

"I dyed my hair red today
I just want a little passion
To hold me in the dark
I know I've got some magic
Buried deep in my heart"

In late July my brother Riku, his wife Eva and myself headed out to Pori to see Tori Amos perform at the Pori Jazz Festival.

I have been a fan of Tori Amos for well over a decade. I borrowed a copy of "Boys for Pele" from my local library around 1997 - and immediately fell in love. I think it is safe to say that there's no other musician or band whose music would have stayed with me as long as Tori's has. Year after year I feel I get back to her first four albums and they feel as fresh to me as the first time I heard them. Her music truly speaks to me as much as it did back when I was 14-years old... On a different level, sure, but still as strongly as back in the day. If there is one musician who has continuously stayed with me on this adventure called growing up, it is Tori Amos. It may sound cliched and sappy but for me it is the truth.

To be honest, I have not been into Tori's music post-"From the Choirgirl Hotel" all of that much and I have not even fully listened to her past couple of records. While her first four records are perfection to me, I personally feel her newest albums lack the spark and passion that I love about her early music. They just aren't my thing. Despite being a fan for over a decade, I had actually never seen Tori Amos live prior to Pori Jazz. So, when I heard that I finally had the chance to catch one of her shows, I asked Riku and Eva to come along. Because I'm such a huge fan and he is my little brother, Riku has also grown up with Tori since a young age - and he still remembers all of the lyrics to her songs! Riku has introduced Tori to Eva who has also become a big fan. We met up with Eva's awesome friends at the festival, who have also been fans of Tori as long as I.

We arrived at the festival area a couple of hours prior to Tori's gig and took our seats. I knew beforehand that instead of trying to get in the front row as usual, this time I'd just take it easy and enjoy the show from a little further away from the stage. The crowd was truly an interesting mix; there was an amusingly clear difference between the Tori fans and the fans of John Fogerty (who was performing after Tori).

Even though Tori's show was quite short, the setlist to me was perfect. In fact, she only performed one newer song that I wasn't as familiar with: "Beauty of Speed". Other than that, the set of the setlist could have easily been from one of her mid-90s shows! It has been a long, long time since I've been as moved by a concert as I was by seeing Tori Amos. With each song came a flow of memories and nostalgia from different parts of my life - followed by tears. "Crucify", "Bells for Her", "Hey Jupiter", "Silent All These Years", "Precious Things"... These are some of my all time favorite songs and Tori performed them with the same gusto as back in the day! In fact, I was a little scared beforehand that she wouldn't play any old songs and that even if she did, it wouldn't be with the same fire. But thankfully my fears were completely unfounded! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Tori Amos still very much kicks ass!

The people around us were mainly Fogerty fans who were all sitting down quiet. I'm really not used to sitting at gigs so it felt weird to me not to have people jumping around me and singing the lyrics to all of the songs. But after the initial shock I completely forgot about the people around me and fell into a Tori Amos daze, if you will. We were in our own little group among the Fogerty fans, enjoying the show 110%. However, I do hope that next time that I get to see Tori, it will be a full show in a more intimate setting because that is what her music really calls for.

Riku, Eva and Riikka on the gigantic screens

Riikka singing her heart out

After Tori performed her last song, waved and ran off the stage, we went walking around the beautiful city of Pori. We talked about Tori and just how amazing the gig was before driving back home in a teary happy lovey dovey daze. It was truly an amazing experience to finally see Tori Amos live and to get to share it with family. Definitely one of the highlights of my summer and one of the most memorable gigs I've ever been to.

Fast food + Tori Amos happy daze

"Caught a Lite Sneeze"
"Personal Jesus / Body and Soul"
"Bells for Her"
"Space Dog"
"Hey Jupiter"
"Beauty of Speed"
"Silent All These Years"
"Cloud on My Tongue"
"Precious Things"
"Take to the Sky"

Daisies, bows and Ofelia Market

I had planned to spend the day at Ofelia Market today. Ofelia Market is a burlesque / gothic / lolita / retro / rock'n'roll / vintage themed market with plenty of arts, craft and second hand goodies up for grabs as well as related entertainment, such as fashion shows and dance performances. I've only been to Ofelia Market once before, back in December 2009, when it was held at Gloria in Helsinki, and I enjoyed the event very much. I was looking forward to Ofelia coming to Tampere for the first time this weekend.

Unfortunately, Ofelia Market was not as enjoyable for me this time. It was held at Yo-talo, which is fine for gigs and performances, but really not so much for a market. It was way overcrowded, making it very hot and difficult to move in the crowd, let alone do any shopping. I didn't get to see any of the performances either because there were simply too many people inside of the venue. In the end, it became so uncomfortable that we decided to leave after half an hour and go watch old movies at home instead. Bummer. I can only hope that next time that Ofelia Market comes to Tampere, it will be held at a venue better suited for the occasion.

Anyhow, I wore this vintage inspired dress (circa 1980s) that I drifted last year. It has become one of my favorite dresses to wear during summertime because I like the cut plus it is very comfortable and no fuss - perfect for a lazy lady like myself. ;) I paired it with my favorite 1950s sandals and a very cute 1950s knitted purse that I drifted just a couple of days ago whilst visiting a friend in Hämeenlinna.

Dress - Vintage inspired dress (thrifted)
Handbag - 1950s vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - 1950s vintage (via Mimosa at

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sky blue dress

A couple of days back the postman brought me a lovely surprise; my wonderful friend Fiona Timantti came across this beautiful sky blue vintage dress in the back of her closet and thought of me. How kind! The dress is actually the perfect fit and I simply adore the color! It makes me think of the sky during summertime. I took my new dress for an outing today when the gf, grandma and I went out to enjoy the beautiful day by the lake.

Many thanks again, Fiona, for the wonderful dress! You're a star!

Dress - Vintage (from Fiona)
Handbag - 1940s vintage (via Etsy, Dear Golden)
Shoes - Vintage (thrifted)