Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daisies, bows and Ofelia Market

I had planned to spend the day at Ofelia Market today. Ofelia Market is a burlesque / gothic / lolita / retro / rock'n'roll / vintage themed market with plenty of arts, craft and second hand goodies up for grabs as well as related entertainment, such as fashion shows and dance performances. I've only been to Ofelia Market once before, back in December 2009, when it was held at Gloria in Helsinki, and I enjoyed the event very much. I was looking forward to Ofelia coming to Tampere for the first time this weekend.

Unfortunately, Ofelia Market was not as enjoyable for me this time. It was held at Yo-talo, which is fine for gigs and performances, but really not so much for a market. It was way overcrowded, making it very hot and difficult to move in the crowd, let alone do any shopping. I didn't get to see any of the performances either because there were simply too many people inside of the venue. In the end, it became so uncomfortable that we decided to leave after half an hour and go watch old movies at home instead. Bummer. I can only hope that next time that Ofelia Market comes to Tampere, it will be held at a venue better suited for the occasion.

Anyhow, I wore this vintage inspired dress (circa 1980s) that I drifted last year. It has become one of my favorite dresses to wear during summertime because I like the cut plus it is very comfortable and no fuss - perfect for a lazy lady like myself. ;) I paired it with my favorite 1950s sandals and a very cute 1950s knitted purse that I drifted just a couple of days ago whilst visiting a friend in Hämeenlinna.

Dress - Vintage inspired dress (thrifted)
Handbag - 1950s vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - 1950s vintage (via Mimosa at


  1. What a lovely dress. You look so adorable with the bow in your hair!

  2. Stefanie - Aww, thanks! Hehe! :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL dress. The colors are stunning! Adore your shoes, too

  4. BaronessVonVintage - Thank you! I adore the colors too and the shoes, yes. :)

  5. That dress looks amazing on you!

  6. That's been one of the problems with Ofelia in Helsinki also, it's way overcrowded (and when it still was free entrance it was almost impossible to walk around there). This spring was better though, since it was held in the same time as Tampere Vintage and therefore less people :)

  7. Sirens Sexy - Thank you! :)

    ina - When I went to Ofelia in Helsinki in December it wasn't that bad. It was busy, yes, but not so that you couldn't walk. It really became unbearable in Tampere, I feel, especially because it was hot. Yo-talo really was a bad choice for the occasion. :/