Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello, September!

Can you believe September is already here? How swiftly the days go by!

Sadly I got sick with cold and ended up spending a good week plus some bedridden. On the positive side, I watched a lot of old movies, including Boris Karloff/Frankenstein and Fritz Lang marathons, and did a lot of reading on the history of film to prepare for university. I'm moving to London in just a few week's time - eeeep!

A couple of days back, on my first healthy day in what felt like ages, Minna and I ventured to Amurin Helmi, our favorite cafe in Tampere. It is located in an old worker's housing quarter in Amuri. Amuri's history dates back to the founding of Tampere in 1779. It is a wonderful cafe filled with nostalgia and tangible pieces of history - and the best pancake and Karelian pastry in the city! If you ever end up Tampere, Amurin Helmi is definitely one of the places that I'd warmly recommend visiting.

Coat - 1940s vintage, label: Stockmann (from Fiona Timantti)
Dress - Top Runway ("Angie" dress)
Handbag - Vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - Gift from a friend
Scarf - Borrowed from my grandma
Stockings - What Katie Did


  1. Ooh you look lovely, I love your coat.
    I can't wait til you come to London and we can meet up!

  2. I love Amurin Helmi too! But don't get to go there often enough, somehow it is sort of wrong side of the town. But their breakfast is lovely.

  3. Stefanie Valentine - Thank you! I really adore the coat too, I am super lucky to have a 40s coat in my size. Can't WAIT to meet up with you either! Speaking of, I've been meaning to email you about it. I will do that next week, promise!

    Rhia - Nice to know that you love it too. My gf lives very close to it so I get to go quite often.

    Mycah - Heee! :P