Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Helsinki Vintage

On September 19th I attended Helsinki Vintage for the first time. It is a large vintage themed sales event that was attended by over 2000 visitors on this occasion. The programme included live music, swing dance performances, panel discussions and you could get your hair done vintage style. I had a fun time browsing various items but I didn't actually end up buying anything because the event was just prior to my move to London. For me it was mainly an occasion to spend time with my wonderful friends and like-minded vintage enthusiasts, including many members of Fintage and lovely bloggers, such as Fiona Timantti, Ina, Ulrika, Gina Americana and Anniina.

Here's what I wore:

Dress - 1930s wool and rayon vintage dress (via Fab Gabs on Etsy)
Handbag - 1940s vintage (via Ebay)
Shoes - 1940s vintage (via Tampere Vintage)
Stockings - What Katie Did

kyborgi and Lassi

kyborgi and Anniina

Laura on a vintage hunt

With the lovely Miss Timantti

Laura and her rockin' new 'do

With Gina and Ina - photo snagged from

With Fiona, Lassi and Miksu - photo snagged from


  1. first of all, that is a GORGEOUS dress! Next, WOW! I wish our vintage events were of that same scale! Miss Timantii is one stylish dame, as well...and love that Laura's hair!

  2. I love that green dress from Fab gabs! I looked at buying it too but I'm glad that it went to a good home :)

  3. BaronessVonVintage - Thank you, I do really love the dress! I'm surprised just how large scale the vintage events have become in Finland but there's also a lot of stuff there that I wouldn't really consider 'vintage' (like 80s, 90s items).

    Cheri Pinktrix - It is so gorgeous, isn't it! I will take good care of it, I promise. :)

  4. What a great day. You seemed to have hung out with the most stylish people there (present company excluded, of course)!

  5. Vitsi noi kengät mitä Eijalla on! Harmi että kaikki mun koot on myyty aikaa sitten..

  6. Gina Americana - A great day, indeed. It was so lovely to meet you! And you were absolutely one of the most stylish people at the event! :)

    Fiona Timantti - Niinpä! Ne on aivan ihania!

  7. You were gorgeous, and it was nice to see you!

  8. That is a stunning outfit on you! Hieno väri ja kaikki...