Thursday, September 9, 2010

A very big house in the country

My sweetheart and I took a mini-break last weekend, spending a couple of days at a gorgeous 19th century country house outside of the city. Here's a fall-time, countryside inspired look of mine... All modern this time, actually, but comfortable and well suited for the season.

Skirt - Olivia Rouge
Cardigan - Gift from mom (from Portugal)
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Line Collection


  1. Definitely a great autumn outfit. You look lovely and it sounds like a lovely getaway, too! I've been dying to do something like that (but the Australian countryside isn't as picturesque as the European appears to be, but that's probably just because I live here ;])
    -Andi x

  2. Hello there, I have a Finnish friend. lovely to meet you. This photo is so gorgeous and feminine, and I love them shoes :) G x

  3. Andi - Thank you, lovely. Australia is so vast and the landscape so versatile, I imagine there's a ton of beautiful spots there.

    Gemima - Lovely to meet you too! Thanks, lady. :)