Saturday, October 2, 2010

London Vintage Fair at Bloomsbury Lanes

Today I met up with the lovely Miss Stefanie Valentine of It's All Make Believe, Isn't It? to check out the London Vintage Fair, which was held at Bloomsbury Lanes, near Russell Square.

We had decided to treat ourselves a little bit and booked appointments to get our hair done by the very talented Natasha of Lipstick and Curls. Stefanie showed a photo of Rita Hayworth for inspiration while I went with a look I found in Daniela Turuduch's 1940s Hairstyles.

Here are some detailed shots of our beautiful 'dos:

We received so many compliments for our looks! People were asking to take our photos several times and stopping us on the street to say nice things, which made us feel like movie stars, hee! One lady actually asked if we're doing a movie and she was basically floored when Stefanie responded that this is how we dress on a daily basis.

We enjoyed yummy milkshakes and burgers at Bloomsbury Lanes' American diner style restaurant and a nice lady offered to take our photo.

Unfortunately, the Vintage Fair itself was a bit of a blah. We knew it was mainly going to feature items from the 1950s and onwards but in reality most of the items were from around the 70s. We didn't see anything that would have been from our eras of interest - 1930s and 1940s, that is. We were also the only ladies there dressed in earlier vintage clothing. The venue itself was really cute and fun, though. I'd love to go back for bowling sometime.

We ended up taking a stroll in Covent Garden and popped in for some lovely mint leaf tea at a cool Middle Eastern style tearoom.

Thank you for the lovely day, Stefanie!

PS. Stef and I were talking about vintage teasing just earlier today. She told me that she has gotten some nasty looks and comments from teenagers in London a couple of times because of her vintage style. It was very surprising for me to hear that because no one had ever been mean to me because of the way I dress - and with so many different people and unique styles in London you'd think no one would care about a lady dressed in vintage. Teasing in general is truly beyond me, anyhow. Well, a couple of teenagers (wearing nasty UGG boots, if I may add) kept on giving me the stink eye the entire tube ride back home, whispering, snickering and staring at me. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've now officially experienced my very first bit of vintage bullying here in London. I just put Arcade Fire louder in my headphones and thought how utterly fabulous I am.


  1. Remember how we were talking about the lameness of UGGS yesterday? Don't let it phase you. You're fabulous! i only wish I knew how to dress and do my hair in a vintage style. i feel so blah sometimes and so plain, haha :)

  2. I love your hair! Glad London is fun, wish I could do international vintage blogger meet ups!

  3. oh, gals you looked so glamourous!!! It's inevitable: people dress so slobbishly now that if someone actually looks elegant and well turned out they are bound to sneer.

  4. Your hair looked so very pretty!

    Sucks about the teasing, some people are just classless plain and simple. You ARE fabulous my darling! *Yells the lyrics to* "ROCOCO"

  5. Your hair dos look lovely ladies, I hope all that rotten rain didn't make your curls fall out! x

  6. The photos are great, don't we look fabulous! Thanks for a great day!

  7. Beautiful, and I really like your blog!

  8. What gorgeous ladies you two are! Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time.
    -Andi x

  9. What a gorgeous pair of ladies! Great attitude towards the sneery teens - that's the best way, or you can give them a bright, beaming, friendly smile - they ALWAYS look away embarrassed after that!

  10. You are fabulous! Never even forget that! <3
    Bullying is so lame!

  11. Gosh, thank you for all of the lovely comments, everyone! You've all truly made my day. ♥

    Kendra - I know! It was a funny/strange coincidence. If you ever need any tips on vintage style I'd be happy to help out, of course, but you're just fabulous as you are!

    Cheri Pinktrix - Thank you! If you're ever around in London I'd definitely love to meet up.

    BaronessVonVintage - So sad but so true! :/

    Mycah - Thank you, darling! Exactly my thoughts. Nasty people!

    Lady Cherry - Thank you for stopping my! Surprisingly the curls actually held out in the rain, which was surprising considering that they were done on a hot set.

    Stina - Thank you!

    Stefanie Valentine - Same right back at you, love!

    Vintage Lady - Many thanks for stopping by!

    Andi B. Goode - Thank you! We had a wonderful time, indeed. :)

    Fleur de Guerre - Thank you for the lovely comment. I will certainly take your tip info consideration next time this happens.

    Fiona Timantti - Thank you, darling! Don't worry, I won't forget about my fabulousness, hee!

  12. I didn't realise you'd moved to London...thought you were in Finland (I'm a tad slow on the uptake!) welcome to the big smoke!
    how are you finding it? Ooo, I'd recommend a BBB dress, it feels so special to wear something made just for you.
    Love the hair (and ignore rude folk on the tube they are jealous)
    G x

  13. Gemima - Thank you! I just moved to London a couple of weeks back and I'm absolutely LOVING it here! It has always been one of my favorite cities and living here has lived up to my (high) expectations so far.

    Thanks for the tip on the BBBB dress. :)

  14. Hello, I just found you! Ah vintage teasing, it's been going on for years, I confess I just look directly in their eyes and keep looking until they look away, it's wrong but I always feel very smug about that he he! Of course I justify it thinking they shouldn't be laughing at how I dress in the first place ;o)

    Btw both of you look lovely!

  15. There must be so many nice places to see...
    Strange thing with the nasty people, I've never seen it here in Finland. Sometimes people stare, but not because they're mean, but because, well, they are people that stare at things they find different. But if someone says something, it's always always been something nice... I always thought it's because underground cultures are so strong in Finland that people somehow are used to "strange" looking persons, but on the other hand you'd think it would be even more common in London...

  16. Straight Talking Mama - Thank you for checking out my blog and for commenting. Also, thanks for the advise, perhaps I shall try that out next time and see how it goes. ;)

    Ina - Exactly, it is even more common in London than Finland, I'd say, but it appears teasing is also more common here. Strange.