Friday, October 1, 2010

Old Movie Geeks in London Pt. 1: Durham Cottage

Today I met up with my friend and fellow blogger Kendra for a day in London filled with Mexican food, tea, shopping and old movie stalking. Unfortunately, the day was pretty miserable as it has been raining non-stop - but it didn't stop us from having plenty of fun out and about in the gorgeous city!

We are both huge fans of actress Vivien Leigh so we ended up taking the tube to Sloane Square and walking to 4 Christchurch Street in Chelsea, to see Durham Cottage. It was a love nest purchased by Laurence Olivier for himself and Vivien when they decided to leave their spouses for one another in 1937. It remained the couple's London base for nearly 20 years. Surprisingly, the gate was wide open, revealing a view at the darling house and beautiful garden. Needless to say, we did a good bit of geeking out at the location! I've been outside of Vivien's Eaton Square apartment before but somehow I felt much closer to her at Durham Cottage. I suppose because it is a lot more intimate as a place and it was her home for such a long time. I could picture Vivien reading by the window or taking care of the garden. I know she truly cherished the cottage and it is easy to see why.


  1. i'm so glad e were able to meet up and sight-see! Durham Cottage is so adorable!

  2. You girls look really happy and cute. Glad you had fun and got to Vivien obsess for the day :D

    PS - Kendra I love your umbrella!

  3. Kendra - Me too! It was such a fun day. :)

    Mycah - Hee! Vivien obsessing is always a good thing in my book. :)