Monday, October 25, 2010

Running up that hill

Yesterday we explored the beautiful area of Harrow on the Hill. I'm not too fond of Harrow itself but Harrow on the Hill, which, true to its name, is situated on top of a hill, is truly gorgeous and picturesque. It is one of those places that really takes you back in time with all of its old buildings and narrow streets. We visited St. Mary's, a stunning church that was consecrated in 1094. Apparently, Lord Byron was a frequent visitor and he often sat dreaming on the churchyard by his favorite tombstone. Sounds like my kind of activity! We enjoyed tea, toast and cake at The Doll's House, which is a super cute little cafe and well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.

I wore one of my favorite pieces of everyday clothing, a blue pinafore skirt, as well as a gingham blouse, both items custom made for me by TheBlackPinafore.

Pinafore Skirt - Custom made by TheBlackPinafore
Blouse - Custom made by TheBlackPinafore
Sweater - Dorothy Perkins
Coat - 1940s vintage, label: Stockmann (from Fiona Timantti)
Handbag - Vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - River Island
Stockings - What Katie Did
Bow earrings - Gina Tricot
Hair flowers - Gift from a friend


  1. You look lovely! I really love the first outfit.

  2. You look lovely again. And such a picturesque setting, too.
    -Andi x
    PS Love the title ;] Great song, no?

  3. Would love to see more photos of your skirt and blouse, I've been wondering about buying from the Black Pinafore!

    And I have to ask - is your title anything to do with Kate Bush? I'm a massive fan!

    Miss P xx

  4. I haven't been up there before, will have to make the trip!

  5. Wow that church looks stunning! I shouldn't have looked at TheBlackPinafore's etsy page, I have spied many goodies that I want! x

  6. What a fabulous day. Sounds amazing and you look lovely.

  7. Cheri Pinktrix - Thank you! :)

    Mycah - Thanks, darling! They are the same outfit, basically, just with and without the coat.

    Andi - Thank you! Ah yes, the location is absolutely stunning... And the song equally fabulous!

    Porcelina - I will try and take some more snaps of the outfit in the future. I could post a closer look at the outfit itself if that would be helpful to you. And, yes, the title is a reference to the Kate Bush song. Glad to see that several of you spotted it. :)

    Penny Dreadful - Let me know if you're ever in the area and we'll go for tea or something. :)

    Stefanie Valentine - Hee! I know, I'd love to order so many more items from them.

    Retro Chick - Thank you!

  8. Looking lovely as always--I adore that blouse!