Monday, November 22, 2010

Tampere Vintage - November 21, 2010

Yesterday all of the most stylish people of the fair city of Tampere gathered together for the second edition of Tampere Vintage, the vintage themed sales event. Because I'm living... *ahem* ...trying to adjust to life on a student budget, I couldn't really afford to do shopping this time. I just came along to do a little bit of window shopping and, of course, to see my fabulously stylish friends from Fintage. I still kept my eyes open for a 1940s winter coat but sadly I couldn't find a suitable one. I did, however, spot plenty of gorgeous shoes, handbags and dresses. Ah, temptations!

The fine folks of Fintage

With Jirina and Rhia

With Frieda, photo from Tyylillä, Marika

Dress - 1950s vintage, Meera Brooke silk dress (via CapriciousTraveler). More about the dress here.
Handbag - 1950s vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - 1950s vintage (via Fiona Timantti /
Stockings - What Katie Did
Gloves - 1950s vintage (via Etsy)
Sweater - Gina Tricot
Hair orchids - Accessorize


  1. Cutey cute! Always love the group shots at these gatherings. Love your dress and updo hair! Also Evil Dressmaker's look was so AWESOME!

  2. Mycah - Thanks the sweet comment! Yes, Rhia's look was beyond awesome. She always comes up with such outstanding and unique looks.

  3. Looks like fun and what a gorgeous dress. You are probably after a winter coat, and this one is more for spring or autumn, but I have a camel coloured swing coat in the shop at the moment:

    Sorry, hope it isn't rude to post the link but I know it is so difficult vintage coat shopping - much rarer to find than nice dresses!

  4. You all look so dashing, as you always do! I wish I had been there. :--)

  5. You looked so fine & I love your hair like that. What a great day it was! Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

  6. Don't we all look so dashing :D It was so nice to see you aswell. I had so much fun with you all.

  7. Oh boy, what a stunning group of people! =D Your hair looks super fab.
    -Andi x

  8. Penny Dreadful - Not rude at all! I'm always open for recommendations and tidbits, especially regarding coats since, like you said, they're so hard to find. Your coat is just lovely but at the time I am indeed after a winter coat.

    Anniina - Thank you! We missed you. Hopefully you'll be able to pop by for a meeting one of these days. :)

    Gina Americana - Thank you, lady! It was lovely to meet you again.

    Rhia - Indeed! I'm really glad I decided to pop by. Always good to see you guys!

    Andi B. Goode - Thank you! :)