Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1940s style high waist trousers

I'm on a mission to make more time to snap outfit photos before heading out the door so here's a very casual look that I photographed just before class. It is something that I put together from various things that I've had for quite a while, paired with my custom made 1940s style wool high waist trousers (by Big Beautiful Barbara Brown). None of it vintage, apart from the handbag. But perfect for the current London weather, which is still a tad chilly.

Trousers - Big Beautiful Barbara Brown (1940s high waist trousers)
Shirt - Monsoon
Sweater - Dorothy Perkins
Handbag - 1950s vintage (via Tampere Vintage)
Shoes - ?


  1. Love the outfit! I seriously need a pair of plus sized high waisted pants- Heyday's are too small for me- so maybe I will check out BBBB

  2. Cheri Pinktrix - Thank you! Yes, pants that actually fit me are super hard to find because I'm plus sized and short. So custom sized is the only way for me to go when it comes to trousers, really. To be honest, not all of the items I've ordered from BBBB have been good in quality. I've gotten a pair of trousers that weren't well put together, were not a proper fit, and were made from sheets-like material... And the staff wasn't very helpful when I enquired about it. But this wool pair I do like.

  3. oooh I'm plus size and short too! Love those trousers, although I can sew so I should just get on with it! They are lovely though

  4. Straight Talking Mama - Thank you! Plus sized and short isn't the easiest combination for trousers, I suppose, but it definitely helps if you can sew. :) Definitely do get on with it, hee!

    Fiona - Thank you, darling!

  5. love it.
    we seriously need to hang out! im not sure when i'll be up next but i know i'll deffo be coming up in april a few times. first some epic roller derby action at the beginning of the month, and zine symposium at the end. XXX

  6. Miss Tukru - YESSSS! Unfortunately I'm going back home in April for the spring break. :/ But when is the roller derby? I *might* still be here!

  7. Well selected colours, they suit you well!

  8. Oooh, very lovely! The trousers look great.
    -Andi x

  9. Oh poo spring break. The derby is on 9th & 10th of April. xxx

  10. Anniina - Thank you! I hope everything's good with you.

    Andi B. Goode - Thanks, lady! :)

    Tukru - Boo. I will already be in Finland by then. The luck is just not on our side, it seems. :(