Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A look at Jean Harlow's casual style

The topic of today's Harlow discussion here at Harlean's Heyday, as part of the the Jean Harlow Blogathon, is Jean's off-screen, everyday style. Jean's casual looks are quite a departure from the dramatic, curve hugging bias-cut gowns that largely mark her formal and on-screen style. It is actually her everyday style that I personally find the most inspiring.

In her own home you'd most frequently find a make-up free Jean Harlow wearing a pair of shorts, a polo shirt and tennis shoes. She didn't wear stockings, not even during the winter months. Jean was an athletic lady, who played golf and tennis, rode horses and enjoyed swimming. Her flair for sports is certainly evident in her casual style.

I've gathered together some of my very favorite casual Harlow looks and key pieces. Unlike her bombshell, glamour looks, Jean's casual ensembles are a lot more forgiving so even those of us with non-Harlow figures can easily rock styles like these. Items similar to Jean's signature pieces, such as angora sweaters, slim skirts and wide leg trousers, are easy to come by in various repro shops and are not an impossible sight even in high street stores.

Please click on the images for larger versions, as per usual.

In the photos above you can view examples of Jean's colder weather ensembles.

Sweaters, cardigans, polo shirts (note the "H"!) and a lovely ensemble showing a matching hat and jacket.

Move over, Katharine Hepburn - it is Jean who rocks a pair of trousers like no other!
She especially loved wide leg, sailor style trousers.

Adorable looks of Baby pairing slim skirts with sweaters and low heel shoes.

Harlow showcasing her sport chic whilst playing tennis, golf and dancing it up.

And, finally, a special mention goes out to what is, quite possibly, my all time favorite Jean Harlow look. A darling white sailor style dress with buttons, pockets and an anchor belt, which she's topped with a bow and matching white pumps. Positively swoon-worthy!


  1. I'm a new follower, but I love Jean Harlow and find your blog so interesting. Thanks for posting the beautiful pics!

  2. BaronessVonVintage - Couldn't have said it better myself! Hee!

    Liana - Thank you for checking out my blog and for the lovely comment. I appreciate it!

  3. A new follower to! Nice and inspiring outfits. Thank u for sharing!