Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Surreal spring in Finland

Returning to Finland a couple of weeks back was a shock to my system. I knew it was still rather wintery and cold in here - in fact, I was prepared for the worst - but thankfully most of the snow had just melted when I arrived. It is still difficult to mentally prep yourself for an entirely different season, especially coming off the London heatwave. And, well, despite being Finnish I am definitely no winter girl. The weather has quickly become warmer these past few days and spring is officially, finally making way here. The grass is starting to resemble green and leaves are emerging in trees. I've spotted a flower here and there. It is kind of like early March in London now, except warmer.

In fact, it got really nice and warm during Easter so I've been to the beach with friends on a couple of different occasions to make most of the weather. As you can see, the lake is still covered in ice. It felt just as surreal as it looks to be on the beach, wearing a summer dress, while surrounded by snow and ice.

The sign reads: ski on the left side


  1. That really is so surreal that it was warm but the ice was still there! Fabulous pics!

    Miss P xx

  2. I have no idea what to wait for when I go back, hopefully I can cope without a coat/jacket there! In Paris the temperature has been around +25 Celsius, phew. What a shame that we won't be able to meet in Paris (unless you come here in two weeks, which isn't likely, is it?), but will you be in Finland during the summer? I really feel like going to London, but I have no idea when I could do that, because I'm going to the US and then I'd like to go to Germany.. We'll see!

    And btw you look gorgeous!

  3. I kind of love that surreal feeling, with spring and snow in the same time...

  4. Love the wrapdress! Is it repro? From where..?

  5. Kristina - No, it is a 1940s vintage dress that I got from Etsy a while back.

  6. Even though you've been away for some time, it's clear that you're still one of the strong ladies of the North with ice nearby your bare feet. It just makes my always-cold toes curl up to see that photo!