Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Navy blue and rhinestones

When I snagged this 1940s day dress from Etsy, I immediately thought it would look cute paired with my Fiona Timantti hat. The shade of the hat and the dress are a very close match. Furthermore, the bow of the hat nicely emphasises the cute little bow at the neckline of the dress. The rhinestone buttons that run down the front add a subtle touch of glamour to the day dress.

These photos, like the ones in the previous post, were taken by my brother, Riku. When I asked him to snap a couple of outfit photos for me, we got a little carried away and ended up with hundreds of images. He's such a great photographer - and peep just how adorable his chihuahua, Poppy, is! She's such a star.

Dress - 1940s navy blue vintage dress (via thegreedyseagull on Etsy)
Hat - Fiona Timantti
Shoes - 1950s vintage (also via Fiona)

Photos by Riku Pennanen

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Emerald green on May Day

The weather took a turn for the cold again, which gave me the perfect excuse to take this 1930s wool and rayon piece for another outing today. Some of you might remember that I wore it to Helsinki Vintage back in September. The dress is, unfortunately, not in the best of shape but is still very beautiful and comes with plenty of drool-worthy details. I love the soutache down the front and the deco hooks at the neck, the shirring at the shoulders and those darted sleeves. Gorgeous!

FYI: the framed photo in the last picture is one of my grandma's lovely headshots from around the 50s.

Dress - 1930s wool and rayon vintage dress (via Fab Gabs on Etsy)
Handbag - 1950s vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - 1950s vintage (via Fiona Timantti)

Photos by Riku Pennanen

May Day weekend

Month of May, everybody’s in love.

Our Vappu (May Day!) celebrations have been epic this year! My family arrived in the city on Friday and we've been celebrating throughout the weekend. These past few days have been filled not only with ballons, streamers and bubbles but also with good food, pancakes, whipped cream and Wes Anderson films, all of which make up for a pretty damn swell party in my book. And, of course, listening to Month of May by Arcade Fire on full volume, on repeat.

Happy May Day!