Friday, September 30, 2011

An Indian summer

Slight change of plans. I just moved houses and packed away my summer clothing. For the past few weeks I have been planning to write about vintage wear for fall and winter but I simply had not had the time to get to it yet. And, alas, just as I returned from the very chilly Helsinki, where fall is currently in full swing, the temperatures soared up to a whopping 29c (84F) here in London this week. My Londoner friends tell me that an "Indian summer" is not uncommon in England - but weather this warm during the last days of September is certainly something new to a Finnish gal! It is a little absurd to see the leaves change colour and fall during a heatwave. But, hey, I'm certainly not complaining!

So I went back to my box of summer clothing and dug out this early 1960s playsuit, another fabulous Fab Gabs purchase from last year. I basically lived in it all of summer 2010 but I only got to wear it maybe once this year because we didn't have much of a summer in London at all. Until now, that is. I paired the vibrant coloured cotton playsuit (it has pockets, by the way! Love!) with some of my favourite high street accessory finds of this past summer, all mint green, and a matching Arthelia's Attic ribbon snood. And headed out to the sun deck with some good music and a good book. A pretty good way to spend the last day of September, if you ask me.

Playsuit - 1960s vintage (via fabgabs on Etsy)
Hair snood - Custom made by Arthelia's Attic
Shoes - Primark
Sunnies - Asos (thanks to Andi B. Goode for the tip!)
Belt - Topshop


  1. Fabulous picture! Ah yes isn't it lovely and hot, we may not get a summer but no one does and Indian summer like us ha ha!

  2. Oh, I love that photo! Those colours are so fresh and bright! Enjoy the heatwave, I'm enjoying the chilly Finland. :D

  3. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!beautiful colors .........

  4. Ahh that jumpsuit is so gorgeous! I also absolutely love your sun glasses :D

  5. You look gorgeous and the sunnies look FAB on you. :D
    -Andi x

  6. Ah lucky you! Can you send some warmth to Finland as well? It was +5 degrees this morning :-S

  7. LOVE this photo! You're's getting COLD here!

  8. I have just discovered you blog and you look so nice! Always happy to see real vintage lover and not only pin-up gals with tatoos...
    I'm a french girl, I'm friend with Sylvie a member of Fintage (365 vintage days).

    You can see me in my new blog:

    I will follow your nice blog!

  9. Thank you for the lovely comments!

    Laurence - Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you found it. I know Sylvie, she's an impeccably stylish lady! I will check out your blog.