Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hats and coats and leaves, oh my!

I am not a big fan of fall and I, quite frankly, dread winter. And I especially dislike dressing for the aforementioned seasons. Some people love layering up and look good whilst doing so - but for some reason I always look end up looking more like a homeless person. This year, however, I decided to prepare myself for the cold well in advance. Now that the temperatures dropped quickly and fall is in full swing here in London, I'm so glad that I did too.

I have been hunting for the perfect princess coat all year around but, unfortunately, they're very rare to come by in my size and price range. However, I did manage to find this 1940s Bon Marche labelled wool coat, which I really like. It is warm and endlessly more elegant than the large majority of modern coats that I look at. I just love the strong silhouette of an early 40s coat. I recently also got this beret style navy wool felt hat with rhinestone and bugle bead leaf detail, also from the 40s, which has quickly become one of my favourites. I completed the look with my grey Poetic License Blacklash shoes with blue ribbon laces.

With a jazzy new wardrobe, perhaps fall and winter won't be as bad after all.

Coat - 1940s vintage (via alpamal4349 on Ebay)
Hat - 1940s vintage (via dead-rare-records on Ebay)
Dress - 1940s vintage (via TwilaJeanVintage on Etsy)
Handbag - Vintage (thrifted)
Shoes - Poetic License Blacklash


  1. oooh that's a beautiful coat, will you love winter a bit more now?

  2. This coat fits you perfectly!!! I also don't like winter... only Christmas makes me happy than!!! It's always a problem to find vintage shoes for winter and snowy or rainy days! Vintage wool dresses are really hard to find and like you I don't have a model size...
    I think my summer dresses represent about 70% of my wardrobe but I can wear them only about 4 months in the year!!!

  3. i'm definitely not a fan of either fall nor winter. what a cute coat you've found! you look so cute!

  4. TheBlackPinafore - Thank you, Deb!

    Straight Talking Mama! - Thank you! We shall see, we shall see. :)

    Laurence - Thank you for the lovely comment. I agree, vintage fall and winter wear is difficult to find in a variety of sizes. Especially shoes and coats, I find, but warmer dresses are also a challenge. I also have a large collection of summery dresses. Thankfully the ones made from thicker materials can be paired with sweaters and stockings to keep warm.

    Stina - Thank you, lovely!

  5. oh so stylish! Lovely coat - lovely blog!! :)

  6. Teen Dreams - Thank you!

    Jojo - Many thanks - and thanks for checking out my blog! :)