Monday, March 12, 2012

Dresses, strawberries and sunshine

We saw the first signs of spring in late February here in ol' London Town. Us Finnish ladies are used to being knee-deep in snow this time of the year so when the temperatures raised to 16c and the sun came out to play, myself and my friend Miia hesitated none and spent the day picnicing in St. James's Park. She has quickly become my favourite picnic buddy here in London. In vintage style, of course. Just look at the lovely 1940s sailor dress that she's wearing!

The glorious weather gave me the opportunity to take my new outfit for an outing. The dress and jacket set is a reproduction of an early 1930s sport tog set - the pattern is dated to December 1931, to be exact. It was custom made for me by the lovely Kim of Time Machine Vintage. When I saw the pattern, I thought it would make a perfect spring outfit - and that it certainly is! Originally meant for playing tennis or golf, it is about as comfortable as outfits come. And a tad bit more glamorous than the sports outfits of today, I might add! It is complete with many lovely details that only a sports dress from the 30s would come with, such as the little chest pockets and a row of buttons that run down the back. The cut and shape of the dress reminds me a little bit of my favourite Jean Harlow look.

Kim and I decided to go with the red, white and blue colour scheme that I love so much, with a navy and white pinstripe stretch rayon gabardine combined with lightweight worsted wool gabardine suiting. Lovely red buttons and buckle complete the outfit. The outfit also goes perfectly with my red Friendly Bow shoes from Office. I first wrote about them in October 2010. Now, a year and a half later I happened to find them on sale and finally make them mine! They're super cute and also about as comfy as heels come. Love them to bits!

You can treat yourself and order your own custom made 30s sport tog, named "Harlow," right over at the Time Machine Vintage Etsy shop! It comes with a warm recommendation from me, cherry on top.

Dress & jacket - 1930s repro custom made by Time Machine Vintage
Shoes - Office


  1. Oh, how CUUUUTE!!!!! I've had that jacket on my must-make or have made list for EVER. LOVE the fabrics and colours you've chosen!!

  2. Ah, you look so sweet in these photos! Love them. :-)

  3. Oh it looks so nice and spring-y over there, I'm so jealous!

    That outfit looks super cute, especially the shoes :)

  4. You are lovely girls!!!! First spring clues today here in North of FRANCE... I want more sun!!!

  5. Oh, you look absolutely wonderful! I love your outfit and these photos are delightful.
    -Andi x

  6. Thank you for all of the lovely comments!

  7. Could you send some lovely weather over to Finland as well? I want sunshine and warm temperatures as well!!
    Lovely photos x

  8. Kati - Thank you! Here's to hoping that the warm weather will reach Finland soon.