Monday, October 15, 2012

1930s winter boots

Vintage winter shoes are, unfortunately, a rare find these days. So much so that when I came across these incredible 1930s to early 1940s winter boots, I literally gasped!

According to Fraulein Marlene's Vintage Shop on Etsy, they are a brown leather and buckskin winter boots with typical art deco design from Germany. This is what I call shoe perfection! Unfortunately this pair was small and they have already been sold to some very lucky gal but I'll keep hunting for something similar until I find them. One day! Meanwhile, the Miss L Fire Havana boots are quite a good match.


  1. I also saw them a month ago but they were small and pricey... I would never worn them in our bad winter weather fearing to dammage them... I own 2 pairs vintage of vintage boots from the 40s in my size but I quite never wear them because they are made of suede and I want to keep them in a good shape....
    I bought Havana boots from Miss L Fire last week and they are perfect, a bit expensive, but it's so rare to find good looking boots....

  2. Hey Riikka :o)
    Nice post and thank you for featuring my shop <3
    These boots were also too small for me, so I decided to part withe them again :o( But I just found the PERFECT winter boots for me on German ebay... I am gonna post them this week on my blog :o)
    Best wishes from Germany,

  3. It is so so hard to find beautiful vintage winter shoes, as they are either too small, too pricey or too damaged and usually look battered from all of the previous wear. I recently found myself some brown leather boots, but it took months of searching, keep going with your hunt i'm sure you will eventually find a pair you love even more than these beauties.
    Love Lil x

  4. Oooh! So very cute they are! The problem is to find fitting vintage shoes, and also the shoes that you actually dare to wear in our winter...

  5. Laurence - Come to think of it, you're right. If I had vintage winter boots, I probably wouldn't be wearing them either because of fear of damaging them, except in dry weather during autumn. Suede is such a tough material when it rains or snows. But thankfully we do have our Miss L Fire Havanas! And the vintage ones sure are pretty, even if not entirely practical.

    Marlène - It must have been heartbreaking to own these shoes but not have them fit you! I look forward to your post about your new winter boots!

    Lil - Thank you, I do hope I find my perfect pair of vintage winter shoes one day. Can't wait to see your new boots!

    Rhia - Yeah, exactly. The Finnish winter is a bit hardcore for vintage pretties. *sighs*