Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plaid jacket by Tailorbrooke

I thought I'd show you my new autumn jacket that I recently snapped from Ebay. The label is Tailorbrooke for the Kerrison's department store in Charleston, South Carolina, with the fabric made in the UK.

The jacket features a plaid fabric in greens and reds and with a touch of grey and yellow, and it is lined inside in teal rayon. The seller dates it to the 1940s/50s but I find it a bit of a challenge to date because the look is so timeless. Regardless, it combines many of the things that I love the most in clothing, like plaids and greens and reds and teal.

Pretty much the perfect fall jacket, if you ask me. Oh and I paired it with my green Miss L Fire Havanas aka the perfect fall shoes. Check and check!


  1. Beautiful jacket! And I loove your hair :)

  2. You are so lucky to have found it on ebay, its really really lovely, I want one so badly think I shall be taking myself over to ebay now to have a look!
    Love Lil x

  3. I love this jacket!! Looks fabulous on you, really great oufit, especially with the gloves too.

    Porcelina xx

  4. Beautiful jacket for the Autumn.

    Ps I have to say I'm crazy for your hair! After many years of having raven, noir locks I'm finally making the plunge and having my hair cut and stripped! I'm hoping to become an elegant red head such as yourself...and Joan Holloway, and Ana Matronic, Karen Elson...Such a beautiful colour and you carry it off beautifully. Sarah(Curious Pip)

  5. Sara - Thank you very much!

    Lil - Thank you! Good luck finding your own. As I wrote in the post, the style of the jacket is rather timeless so there's a chance your search might turn up with something similar.

    Porcelina - Thank you! I do love my green bow gloves.

    Sarah Burford - Thank you for the lovely comment! Being a (fake) redhead is the bestest. It is a rather difficult colour to maintain at first but once you learn the tips and tricks, it gets easier. I've actually been meaning to make a post about this, thank you for reminding me about it. Good luck with your transition to red, do let me know how you get on with it!

  6. What a deeply fantastic outfit and coat find! Green is stunning on you, beautiful gal, positively stunning!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Jessica Cangiano - Thank you, my lovely!

  8. Gorgeous. OH, I spy those Miss L Fire booties now! Love your green gloves, too!

  9. BaronessVonVintage - Hee, thanks Jill! I do love my booties and the matching green gloves!