Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last night I dreamed

I am most excited to present this film noir inspired photo series by Jirina Alanko, titled Last night I dreamed.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hair inspiration: Cheveux Courts by Gerda Wegener

I found myself very inspired when I stumbled upon this illustration by Gerda Wegener, titled Cheveux Courts (for Fantasio magazine), which dates back to 1925. Just look at those swoon-worthy bobs and waves! I quite fancy the hair off that redhead on the right handside.

Gerda Wegener was a Danish artist best known for her erotic Deco era illustrations - and quite an artist and woman she was! As you may perhaps have heard, her partner and muse, artist Lili Elbe (born as Einar Wegener), had the first publicly known sex reassignment surgery in history in 1930. You can read more about Gerda and Lili's fascinating love story over at Coilhouse - and take a peek at Gerda's amazing works.



Friday, November 9, 2012


Jirina and I bought a krembo, which is a yummy chocolate-coated marshmallow treat (nom!) that was apparently invented some 200 years ago in Denmark. How vintage of us!

In Finland we call them "suukko", which translates to a kiss. One of our friends has a tendency to ask people if one wants a "suukko" and, instead of handing over the treat, she gives you a kiss.

Instead of simply eating our kiss, we started smearing it on each others' faces and snapping photos. Makes perfect sense, no?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October via Instagram

I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and show you what I was up to in October, via my Instagram feed.

I stole my girlfriend's blouse and
felt like a secretary from the 40s.

I spent many hours researching this beautiful lady.
Her name is Lia Lae and she was a Finnish actress during the
silent film era. This portrait, which dates to 1927,  is from an
exhibition held at the National Audiovisual Archive.

I had a pretty adventurous Saturday. On the morning I dumpster
dived tens of vintage hats from various eras, 1930s and onwards.
I have since cleaned, repaired and passed on about half of them to
my friends. I kept two 40s hats for myself.

... And then I glammed up and went to a
burlesque gala on the same evening. Here's Jirina
looking mighty dapper in Lassi's top hat.

I wore a lot of plaids and a lot of greens.
Oh, and my Miss L Fire Havanas, of course.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fintage takes on Helsinki Vintage!

For the past couple of weeks Elina, Jirina and myself have been planning a Fintage fashion show, which bowed on Sunday's Helsinki Vintage.

This wasn't just your regular, average fashion show where you strut, pose and walk away - but one that combines the aforementioned with a storyline or two. We had a total of 12 models of which most modelled several outfits, plus a host. Love, death and vintage fashion a plenty ensued! We had a blast and are very happy with how it all turned out.

From dusk till dawn, the three of us spent all day at the event. We had a table where we sold the Fintage calendar as well as vintage goodies from our own collections. Of course, we did a bit of shopping ourselves too! I ended up buying a pair of 30s shoes, a 40s winter coat, Lauren Rennells' book on vintage style make-up and, of course, our calendar to grace our wall come next year.

I had such a lovely time and, well, what else can I say except that my friends are the bestest!

Here is quite a batch of photos that we snapped on the day. Several more photos can be found on the Fintage blog if you're still hungry for more. Last but not least, thanks to Minna and Jirina for taking on the photographer duties!

Team Fintage

Oona and Markus, always prepared to serve - and pose

One of my many outfits of the day

My, that is one handsome calendar!