Friday, November 2, 2012

Fintage takes on Helsinki Vintage!

For the past couple of weeks Elina, Jirina and myself have been planning a Fintage fashion show, which bowed on Sunday's Helsinki Vintage.

This wasn't just your regular, average fashion show where you strut, pose and walk away - but one that combines the aforementioned with a storyline or two. We had a total of 12 models of which most modelled several outfits, plus a host. Love, death and vintage fashion a plenty ensued! We had a blast and are very happy with how it all turned out.

From dusk till dawn, the three of us spent all day at the event. We had a table where we sold the Fintage calendar as well as vintage goodies from our own collections. Of course, we did a bit of shopping ourselves too! I ended up buying a pair of 30s shoes, a 40s winter coat, Lauren Rennells' book on vintage style make-up and, of course, our calendar to grace our wall come next year.

I had such a lovely time and, well, what else can I say except that my friends are the bestest!

Here is quite a batch of photos that we snapped on the day. Several more photos can be found on the Fintage blog if you're still hungry for more. Last but not least, thanks to Minna and Jirina for taking on the photographer duties!

Team Fintage

Oona and Markus, always prepared to serve - and pose

One of my many outfits of the day

My, that is one handsome calendar!

Why yes, I did end up taking it home with me

Jirina, me and our dapper escorts

I have chosen my most beautiful coat
for my date with Markus on the skating rink

"Ladies first", says the gentleman

Ticket inspector Helenius spends his
day off in slacks and boots

As a handy man, Markus has knitted the sweater all by himself, which I appreciate a whole lot.
After all, very few men would knit in the 50s

Päivi is showing her cousins Elina and Anniina the best skiing tracks on the countryside

The charming Oona Woods has arrived from America
to spend Christmas with her sister, Mrs Piia Ukkola

Oona is a vision in her red cocktail dress.
Husband Michael "Mikko" Woods clearly approves

Dutiful 50s wives Oona and Piia look after
Michael's coat whilst he struts on the runway

Butler Aavinko serves the champaign to the guests

Michael and Oona Woods have arrived to the glamorous party in Hollywood

Oh my! Jirina, the femme fatale of our story, makes her grand entrance

What's on Jirina's mind? Is it love - or murder, my sweet?


Our show was based on the calendar photographed by Jirina herself

Fintage takes a bow

The stars of the train sequence: Jari, Elina, me, Jirina and Markus

Anniina ja Päivi return from their skiing trip

Love behind the scenes

Elina was a bit excited to take Anniina underwear shopping


Such a cutie!

Mr and Mrs Woods straight from Hollywood

Perhaps it was love after all!

My date and I keeping warm in the cold

Butler Aavinko and Anniina, the blonde beauty

Miikka and Mikko raise their hats in honour of our show


  1. I always have a blast with you Fintage guys! :) These photos are great!

    1. Right back at you, Anniina! I hope we can do it again sometime soon. Thanks again for coming over and being the blonde beauty of our show! :)

  2. Everyone looks absolutely marvelous! I wish I could get the Fintage folks to convince some of my fellow canucks how much we need a Cintage group here in Canada! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Why thank you! "Cintage" - I love it! I'm absolutely positive you could put together such a group and have a large and vibrant community. Three years ago, I wouldn't have thought there would be this many vintage folks in a country as small as Finland but, hey, I'm happy to say that I was totally wrong!

  3. Lovely pictures!!! Sylvie brought to me this amazing calendar last week-end and I love it, every month are just stunning.... I will write a post about it soon to perhaps help Fintage to sell more of those calendars.
    I appreciate to see you in red and green, it suits you perfectly!

    1. Thank you, lady! I'm glad you liked the photos - and the calendar! It really is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to your post about it!

  4. That plaid coat is absolutely fantastic! You are so lucky to be a part of the Helsinki vintage scene, I've read wonderful things about it on Fiona Timantti's blog! I live in Brisbane and in my town there is only one lady who wears vintage, and sadly because of her vintage look people say horrible things about her like that she's a prostitute. I wish there was a vintage community where I live!

    1. I really am lucky to be surrounded by such a thriving and vibrant vintage scene. Still, vintage gals are definitely a minority in this city and I do get stared on every single day. No calling names (yet), though. It's so absurd that someone would get called a prostitute for wearing vintage! That's just awful! But the lady is most definitely kick ass for continuing to dress the way she pleases. F the rest! ;)