Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hair inspiration: Cheveux Courts by Gerda Wegener

I found myself very inspired when I stumbled upon this illustration by Gerda Wegener, titled Cheveux Courts (for Fantasio magazine), which dates back to 1925. Just look at those swoon-worthy bobs and waves! I quite fancy the hair off that redhead on the right handside.

Gerda Wegener was a Danish artist best known for her erotic Deco era illustrations - and quite an artist and woman she was! As you may perhaps have heard, her partner and muse, artist Lili Elbe (born as Einar Wegener), had the first publicly known sex reassignment surgery in history in 1930. You can read more about Gerda and Lili's fascinating love story over at Coilhouse - and take a peek at Gerda's amazing works.




  1. What a total gem! I really like this piece, too, not only for the hairstyles, but the beautiful art deco earrings and over the image as a wonderful whole.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Sweet picture...! There is a small Youtube video with some of the erotic artwork of Gerda Wegener:

    1. Thank you for the link - I just love her work! It is truly so fascinating to see sexuality depicted in earlier eras, especially homosexuality.