Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby it's cold outside

The temperature here in Helsinki plummeted substantially over the weekend. On Friday alone, it snowed half a metre of snow as freezing weather gripped the city. I'm actually quite loving it this year... Although my opinion will very likely be entirely different after a couple of months of swimming in the snow! But after weeks of rain, darkness and meh, snow and all of the light it brings is warmly welcomed in my end.

This year I've been surprisingly well prepared for winter. I bought a 1940s winter coat from my Fintage friend Mirva at Helsinki Vintage back in October. It is a heavy Rothmoor-patented, deep blue swing coat with a soft mink collar, over-sized cuffs and three giant buttons in the front. It is a gorgeous coat and warm enough for Finnish winter, which is saying quite a lot! Oh, I do love my new coat.

Jirina and I were on our way for a night out on the town when we stopped to snap these photos. Jirina is wearing a lovely 1950s coat, which she found from a flea market. In addition to the 40s coat, I'm wearing a felt hat, which is one of my dumpster diving finds, leather gloves and 1930s inspired shoes, which are an ASOS bargain from a few years back. This is actually the very first time that I wore them since they were a bit too warm for London and then I forgot that I even had them. Oops. Oh and I'm also wearing thick wool vintage stockings, which I got from another Fintage friend, Alex. I have three pairs of them in various colours and they're truly perfect for a vintage winter!

Hope you're all well on this freezing Tuesday and keeping warm over a cup or two of hot chocolate.

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Coat - 1940s Rothmoor vintage coat, from a friend
Hat - Felt vintage hat (dumpster dived)
Gloves - Leather gloves, gift from my mother
Stockings - Vintage wool stockings, from a friend
Shoes - ASOS (a few seasons back)

And last but not least, thank you to Jirina for the beautiful photos!


  1. Wonderful pictures. You are so elegant & the two of you just radiate something so sweet & nice!

    Thank you for all the interesting Liebster Award answers! 21 answers, that was quite a job, you had there...

    1. Thank you! We do have a lot of fun together, Jirina and I.

      And thank you for the award and for taking the time to read my answers. :)

  2. you are seriously just... ugh!! I love this so much!!!

  3. The photos with the snow in the air are so magical! Love the coat and the adorable boots. I'm trying to do my best to maintain more of a vintage aesthetic in the depths of winter this year... well I will be, not right now as we're having a bizarre warm spell!

    1. Thank you! I do love my coat and the boots. I think that investing in a really nice, good quality vintage coat is the key to maintaining a vintage aesthetic during winter - outside of a warm spell, though. ;)

  4. Lovely pictures!!!! Love this new coat.
    We also had our first snow here... bur about 1cm... and it has already disapeared...

  5. You are the absolute picture of winter prettiness, style and merriment! I adore the magical quality of these serene, beautiful shots and can't get enough of every last element of your stunning winter ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Where to start. The lighting, your outfits, your gorgeous faces, the snow... straight out of a fairy tale! Beautiful!

    Ruby xx