Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I had the pleasure of spending my weekend with Michelle of Ravishing Retro, who flew over from Lyon to Helsinki to partake in vintage shenanigans.

We spent Friday afternoon visiting vintage shops in Kallio, then glamming up whilst sipping whine before heading out for burlesque and cocktails at a Tikibar.

On Saturday we woke up early and travelled to Tampere for Vapriikki-Vintage in a car packed with suitcases full of vintage pretties.

Organised in association with Fintage, Vapriikki-Vintage is a two-day vintage fair held at the Vapriikki museum centre. This year, the programme was very exciting as it featured not only a vintage market but also neo-Victorian photography, lectures, a live orchestra, a Charleston show and a quick lesson to the basics of the dance, a burlesque number from Holy Curves as well as guided tours around the museums. Etc. Certainly plenty to see, do and, of course, buy!

I was equally excited to introduce Michelle to my Fintage friends, especially my vintage wife/doppelganger Jirina, as I had a feeling they'd get bond. And bond we all did.

To say that Michelle was happy to discover that vintage is a tad bit cheaper in Finland than in Australia is one way of putting it. She bought quite a few dresses from Jirina as they happen to have the exact same waist size. When asked why Jirina was selling said dresses, the answer was more often than not, "it's just too 50s", to which Michelle said, "I'll take it." See, 30s and 50s vintage ladies living in perfect harmony! Michelle ended up flying back to Lyon in a suitcase full of 50s frocks and vintage inspired lingerie.

I spotted this shiny number at Alles Gute Vintage and immediately noted just how very Michelle it is. "I'll take it," she replied, practically before even trying it on. (And a perfect fit it was, as you can see below.)

My mission was to sell rather than buy this time. I did, however, take home these 30s shoes, also from Alles Gute.

Ah, the fashions! On the first day of Vapriikki, I wore a black 40s dress with one of my most recent Ebay purchases: a reversible 30s capelet; black velvet on one side, shiny silver on the other! Although brand new to me, it immediately became my favourite piece of clothing. It is just that amazing! I also wore the 30s silver heels and handbag that I bought from Old Touch last month. Jirina looked enchanting in blue velvet and trademark ginger fingerwaves whilst Michelle ended up changing from one 50s style frock to her shiny new one before the day was over.

Just before leaving Vapriikki on Saturday evening, 20s music started suddenly blasting at the empty museum centre. Naturally, Jirina and I broke into Charleston whilst Michelle Instagrammed.

Jirina spent the night with us at a studio that we had rented for the occasion and we ended up drinking rosé in our undergarments. I love this photo because Michelle's limit for selfies has been reached whilst Jirina and I pose on happily. No such thing as too many selfies, I say.

When we woke up on Sunday, the room was a mess of girdles, corsets and hair curlers. We brushed our hair out, put on red lipstick and returned to Vapriikki again.

Once again, the Fintage folks were dolled up to the max. Here's Ane ready for her close-up and Jirina waltzing away with the very dapper Markus.

On Sunday, I wore a late 1930s / early 40s green wool dress that I also recently acquired from Old Touch. The earrings were made and gifted to me by my friend Elina. Michelle wore a red 50s dress that she bought from Jirina, a fake fur capelet and 50s suede heels that she got from me. Oh and peep Jirina's 30s fetish heels; aren't they just the best?

Alas, here ends our amazing weekend as we headed our separate directions in the evening. But we already have plans for more quality Michelle time this spring, huzzah!


  1. Looks like a fun and fruitful weekend! :)

  2. What a busy week-end! It's always fun to share our passion with close and also new friends!!!

    1. Absolutely! Friends are the bestest, both old and new.

  3. What a marvelously fun, stylish weekend! You all look ravishingly lovely! (That rich shade of emerald green is breath-taking on you, dear Riikka!)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. It looks like you all had a amazing time! I loved looking at all the photos and all your simply darling outfits!


  5. amazing. i feel little jealous about this great event you have over there in finland. you all look so fabulous!

    1. Thank you! We definitely do have some exceptionally fun vintage happenings here in Finland, which is such a treat.

  6. I am so jealous of your vintagey weekend and wish I could have joined in the fun and bargains! I live in Australia and I must say I find real vintage quite pricey here. I love reading Fintage and Lost in the 50's and seeing all the beautiful treasures that are found for next to nothing. Thanks for sharing! xx Shauna

    1. Thank you, Shauna! From what I hear, vintage is very pricey in Australia, which is sad but also understandable if it is very rare to come by. I don't find the prices here to be cheap either - but apparently compared to Australia they really are!