Sunday, April 7, 2013


Red, baby!

The weather has been above freezing this past week or two and the snow is finally starting to melt. Today I left my scarf, gloves and winter boots at home, and braved wearing pumps outside for the very first time in Finland all this year!

I adore these red Miss L Fire Monaco mid-heel shoes with a faux fur trim, which I recently acquired from a half price sale. I pondered on them for a while (okay, for like a minute) because whilst they are oh! so pretty, they are rather wintery and yet not practical for the Finnish winter. But they're quite comfortable and do make super cute shoes for all around the year, if you ask me.

I wore my lighter winter coat or, should I say, my heavier spring coat. It is the red Gretal coat from Collectif and I love it so! It is all my Little Red Riding Hood dreams come true. A little note for those interested in this coat: busty gals should go a size up as it is not the most bust accommodating coat in all the world. But it works fine for me, even if it is a size larger than what I normally wear.

And of course, it started snowing yet again on my way back home so unfortunately these babies are going back to the closed for the time being. Sigh.

Coat Collectif - Gretel
Shoes Miss L Fire - Monaco
Handbag - Gift from a friend


  1. That coat is so adorable, not to mention the shoes! You look as lovely as always :)

  2. Red Riding Hood - you look fabulous lovely!

  3. Riikka wow, you could not do best combination

  4. That coat is really fab on you lady! I bought it but had to return it as my shoulders were too broad for it. Gutted! Glad someone is enjoying prancing around in it though.

    P x

    1. Guh, that is so sad. Sorry to hear it didn't fit you. :( Prancing around in this coat is the best!

  5. I recognised that coat straight away, you suit it so well. xo

  6. That coat...those goodness gracious, there are scarcely words. You really are gorgeous vintage winter style personified, dear Riikka.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You look like a star! I love red, it is such a brave colour. :) The weather seems to be frustrating everyone in our part of the hemisphere. Let's hope you can bring your shoes out again soon. <3

  8. Thank you for all of your comments, lovely ladies!

  9. What a beautiful coat!!